{Cameron Park Zoo // Waco TX}

A couple of weekends ago we woke up to grey skies and rain in the forecast. But, I didn't want that to keep us from enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon. I checked the weather for Waco, TX and found only a 15% chance for a span of 3 hours all day. It was much better than the percentage of rain near home. So, on a whim we were able to check an item off our fall 2016 bucketlist by visiting Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX. We had always heard great things about it, but have never made it over. It's about an hour and 10 minutes from our house, but worth the drive.

Cameron Park Zoo is very nice, spacious and it wasn't crowded at all. Maybe it was because of the cloudy skies, or maybe because everyone that visits Waco goes to Magnolia Silos, or maybe because Baylor had a home game. Either way, I'll take it. It's much smaller than the Fort Worth Zoo or the Dallas Zoo, but it was very enjoyable.

 photo 40_zpssmrlu9sw.jpg  photo 41_zpsartyjqde.jpg  photo 59_zpsrs9jo9ta.png  photo 44_zpsppkfjwfl.jpg  photo 45_zpslg3yeqzd.jpg  photo 46_zpsvunieftk.jpg  photo 47_zps1vwnkm70.jpg

There were many times that we had a whole exhibit to ourselves! We didn't hate it. Even though Mason acted like we were in a race and wanted to run from exhibit to exhibit! Boys!

 photo 49_zps12vf51mp.jpg  photo 50_zpsojraxvb8.jpg  photo 52_zpsrhjhzwbt.jpg  photo 53_zpsetq8o16k.jpg

We were there about an hour before a downpour came. It last a good 15 minutes or so. We hid out under the porch of a reptile/rodent type house because I had my big camera and I didn't want to ruin it. Mason would have been fine proceeding in the rain. Once it let up we carried on. And then it started raining pretty good again! We ran for a another covered area and that's when Mason found the playground. There were 3 kids playing on the playground and were soaking wet and muddy from head to toe. Mason wanted to join them, but we didn't bring him any extra clothes and we were an hour away from home. He played in the treehouse above the playground instead.

 photo 54_zpsveulpima.jpg

Funny story... we were walking and heard this crazy loud and weird sound. So we kind of ran up to see what it was. It was two tortoises totally getting it on. It was hilarious! Luckily Mason was mad at us for not letting him play in the mud that he didn't pay much attention to them or ask any questions! Whew!! There were people cracking up and videoing them. I felt so wrong even taking a picture! But, I couldn't not take a picture. haha

 photo 55_zpsismjzxpg.jpg
 photo 56_zpsro2fi35g.jpg  photo 57_zpsj5xu7hld.jpg  photo 60_zpsqhqqoti2.jpg  photo 58_zps0tydnxno.png  photo 61_zpsnltg6tst.jpg  photo 62_zpsdhdp7elz.jpg  photo 63_zpsmlx5pn48.jpg  photo 64_zpswga4msra.jpg  photo 65_zpspx4trvai.jpg  photo 66_zpsthe1uhg1.jpg

And then we found the giraffes! They are my favorite at any zoo. I only saw three at Cameron Park. They had a place where you could feed them, but there was not anyone there to work the food. So we were bummed we didn't get to feed them. They were still fun to watch!

 photo 67_zpsu8kn169o.jpg  photo 68_zpsgu1tfcuv.jpg  photo 69_zpspxwdzi6r.jpg  photo 70_zpsamofv1ks.jpg  photo 71_zpskjl4shop.jpg

Mason got a couple of souvenirs and then we were good to go! We walked the whole zoo in 3 hours, even with the storm. Mason's favorite part was the slide that went through the middle of the sea otter exhibit. He did it over and over. It was hard to get a picture because the exit of the slide was in a dark shaded area. It was really neat, though!

When we left the zoo I looked up the Magnolia Market at the Silos and saw that it was less than 2 miles away! We tried to go...but there was no parking in site and there was a line a mile long. We are going to have to go back during the week when it's not so crowded. I did snag a few pictures when we were looking for parking!

 photo 81_zpsazgrjdnq.jpg  photo 82_zpsbveq69of.jpg  photo 80_zpsfod5wvh9.jpg

Glorious, right? Chip and Joanna Gaines have my farmhouse-loving heart!

2016 Bucketlist Update:

 photo Fall Bucketlist - Update 1 - Zoo_zpsroob0zrt.jpg

What is your favorite zoo to visit?


  1. That zoo looks so beautiful! That is hilarious about the tortoises. At least they were in the "privacy" of a little hut haha! I have always wanted to go to the Silos but everyone always says that it is super crowded. Well that and we don't live to Texas. I live you bucket list and those fonts.

  2. I love the zoo! I recently saw tortoises doing that too. I don't remember where we were...I guess a zoo! But I didn't take a picture! lol.

  3. What fun! We took the kids to the ATL zoo earlier this year and they loved it! We need to go back!

  4. We love that zoo! We use to live in Waco & went there a few times. It's like a mini-Fort Worth zoo, to me. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  5. Oh Magnolia Farms!!! So amazing. I can't believe the line is that long! Well actually yes I can they are amazing! But the zoo looks great! Crossing things off the list left and right!!

  6. Finallllly!!! A place in Texas I've been to that you've blogged about :) We loved Cameron Zoo. I wish we could have visited more but it was a bit of a drive for us from Round Rock.

  7. Youre making me really want to visit a Zoo! This is horrible but we havent been to one since Kinsey was born :/ Oh Magnolia!

  8. Oh how fun!!! I love smaller zoos. I love that they are usually less crowded. The best zoo around here is the San Diego Zoo though LA has a pretty nice one too (even though I've only ever been for the zoo lights and not the actual zoo lol). We have a little, tiny one here at a local regional park and it's just perfect! Plus Mason usually looses interest after a little while anyway so the smaller (and cheaper - its only $2!) the better!

  9. I have a friend who made a special trip just to go to the market! Crazy right?! We love chilling at the zoo. Looks like y'all had a blast.

  10. I love the zoo! My kids are really at the age of enjoying it, which makes it even more fun. Your is so beautiful! I'm so jealous about Magnolia Market. It is on my bucket list. My mom and I are determined to go sometime. :)

  11. What a fun little zoo trip! Mason and Marcus sound so much alike. I could totally see Marcus zipping from one exhibit to the next and wanting to play in the rain.
    And. OH MY GOSH, YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO MAGNOLIA MARKET! (excuse the excessive use of capital letters) I'm dying for the day when you go and post about the glorious experience!

  12. I didn't know you are so close to Waco! Now I'm totally visiting ;). From these photos you'd never know you were hit with random downpours... The weather looked beautiful and perfect for the zoo in the photos you shared!!!

  13. Love all the Dad & Son photos. Such a sweet pair, those two. That slide through the otter exhibit sounds amazing! I've never been to a zoo with anything like it.


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