{36 on my 36th}

In honor of my 36th birthday {today} I thought I would share 36 random things about me. Several of my friends have done similar posts on their birthdays and I loved learning some new facts about them! I will tell you though that this was super hard for me. And by hard I mean it took me several days to think of 36 things and I even had to ask Nate to help with a few! #lamesauce

{Tuesday Talk // Selah}

Pause and praise.
Be still and know.
Wait, rest, worship.

Friday afternoon I was reading and came across the word Selah. I've seen it many times before and was well aware of the Christian band named Selah. Yet, I wasn't sure of the meaning of the actual word. So I began to research a bit on the word and found that in essence it means to just slow down and rest in Jesus. 

{10 Target Challenge}

Time for one of my favorite link-ups, $10 Target Challenge. Target is for sure my happy place and I love any excuse to go shopping there. Sometimes, okay a lot of the time, I don't even make it past the Dollar Spot. Especially when shopping for this challenge. And I love the Target Spot at the beginning of a new year. They put out so many great organizing and planning things. If you know me you know that is my favorite! So, what did I get and did I stay under budget?

{Little Letters // Volume One}

I have been so excited about the Little Letters link-up ever since I read about it on Kristin at Taz and Belly's blog! I used to participate in a similar link-up called Friday Letters when I first started blogging and really enjoyed it. Here are my letters for January.

{January 2017 Goals}

If I am being honest, I completely failed at monthly goals in 2016. Not because I couldn't crush the goals, I just didn't. The only excuse I have is life happened. But, it's a new year so I am going to give it another go. I mean, I love a good to-do list and this is basically a to-do list that I have a month to accomplish. Should be easy enough. We'll see. Today I am sharing some goals I have for January 2017.