Friday, July 25, 2014

{Oh Hey Friday!}

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{O N E}

This week flew by so fast! I barely even left my house this week. I had a lunch meeting with my boss an co-worker today in Dallas {Thursday} and realized that is the furthest I have driven in a really long time. I hit traffic on the way there and the way back...I certainly do not miss that. Feeling even more thankful and blessed to be able to work at home.

{T W O}

When we were camping over the Fourth of July weekend we took many walks around our RV resort. We all enjoyed it so much and agreed that was something we wanted to do at home in the evenings after supper. Well, we finally went on our first one the other evening and it was amazing. It was a short walk, but a walk nonetheless. It was also right as the sun was starting to you know this Mama took pictures! More on this later...

 photo Walk1_zps905d7297.jpg
 photo walk2_zpsdc2f100b.jpg

{T H R E E}

Okay y'! I just don't get it. What am I missing? Anyone have any great tips on using Google+? I've noticed more companies asking for Google+ links and such.

{F O U R}

I am loving, loving, LOVING the new She Reads Truth app!! If you haven't downloaded it yet you totally should. It's the most well put together app I have ever downloaded it. I love having the Word with me at all times. And they also have really great lockscreens you can save/use! So awesome. 

 photo a13_zpsbf322c4c.jpg

{F I V E}

My girl Kristen at Kandid Kristen is having a giveaway for her blogoversary! Head on over and enter to win a $25 Visa giftcard. 


Happy Friday friends! Any plans for the weekend?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Christmas in July swap}

The lovely ladies Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup and Jenny @ The Chronicles of We put together a fun Christmas in July gift swap for our blogger kiddos.

Mason's box came from Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side. And let me just say...Sarah is so sweet and thoughtful! She used my Summertime bucket list post and sent us goodies that would help us check items off of our bucket list! Everything was labeled and wrapped so cute! Mason had a blast opening it. He kept saying, "I can't believe your friend sent me this." So sweet!! 

 photo A1_edit_zps66a777cd.jpg

 photo A10_edit_zps4c98e4a1.jpg
 photo A11_edit_zps8f052c90.jpg
 photo A14_edit_zpsded80961.jpg
 photo A16_edit_zps1b8eea3e.jpg
 photo A17_edit_zps4b3704d8.jpg
 photo A18_edit_zps9c6b3379.jpg
 photo A23_edit_zpse53becf0.jpg
 photo 26_zps15cf4289.jpg
 photo 27_zpsab0ab1d3.jpg
 photo 30_zpsa087ce0a.jpg
 photo 1_zps456481bf.jpg

+ Marshmallows for roasting
+ Sprinkles for baking something delicious
+ Place mats/chalkboard paint/brushes/chalk for a DIY
+ Kite
+ Waterballoons

Thank you so very much, Sarah! We will definitely be checking things off of our Summertime bucket list thanks to your generosity!!!

More than anything, I loved this swap because I met two incredible ladies in the blogging world. Sarah, as I mentioned above and also Jasam @ The Opulent Owl. Mason and I got to send a box to Jasam's cute little girl and we had a blast. It's not every day we get to shop in the girls section. With a son {obviously} and four nephews we live in a 'boys world'!!

Sweet Turtle Soup
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Update on Mason - glasses & eye patch wearing}

 photo 24_zps417de947.jpg
 photo 22_zpsd62d9740.jpg
 photo 20_zps6f79c5f2.jpg
 photo 5_zps9212b817.jpg
 photo 6_zps6fe6ff85.jpg

I wrote in this post about Mason having Intermittent Exotropia and needing glasses and eye patch therapy. I wanted to write a follow up of sorts.

We are two weeks in and Mason has done so well with wearing his glasses and doing his eye patch therapy! I was worried that when the 'new' of the glasses wore off that he would be totally over his glasses and not want to wear them. But, {knock on wood} that hasn't happened yet.

We usually do eye patch therapy in the evenings after supper and playing outside. We all pile into our bed, put a movie on the iPad and start a time on one of our phones. Sometimes if he is doing well and not asking about the timer I will add a few extra minutes {to the normal 45 minutes}. Now...getting the iPad away from him at bedtime is a battle.

I feel like the therapy is working and the eye is getting stronger. I haven't noticed it nearly as much throughout the day. Also, the other day I challenged him to a staring contest and he obliged! I watched his eye intently and never saw it drift. Normally this is when it would happen {focusing/concentrating} on something.

His follow up appointment is Tuesday, Sept 8th and we are praying for good results!!! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{Oh hello growth spurt...we meet again}

 photo A25_edit_zps644cf2eb.jpg

Mason seems to hit a growth spurt every 6-8 months. We are in the middle of one now. It's funny, a couple of weeks ago I kept telling everyone that I think he's growing. Their response is always "he is, too fast". But I'm like, no really...he's growing right now! A mama's intuition, I guess. Because it wasn't a few days later Mason started showing all of his normal signs of a growth spurt - 

- Takes forever to fall asleep at night
- Flops around like a fish out of water when asleep
- Sleeps longer. Like Sunday night - he slept 14+ hours!!
- Eats a ton and is willing to try new things. Friday night he ate an onion ring! My picky little guy ate a freakin' onion!! And it was a big onion!
- More irritable/more fits/cries at the drop of a hat

The fits are definitely not fun, but I love that he eats more and is willing to try new things. He is usually so picky with what he eats and doesn't always eat a lot. 

Cute side story - Nate bought Mason a 'build your own (wooden) knife kit' at Cabelas the other day and Mason thinks he is so grown! It's a pretend/starter knife, but Mason doesn't fully know that. He thinks he has a real knife. He keeps telling me, "Mama, can you believe I am big enough to have a pocket  knife now?" and I want to cry every single time. 

He truly is growing too fast. 

Does your child have any distinct signs when having a growth spurt?
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Monday, July 21, 2014

{Weekend Wrap-Up}

 photo HallAroundTexas-weekend-July_zps367021e4.jpg

Happy Monday, friends! I can't believe I am already saying that. Wasn't it just Friday at 4:00 when I logged off for the weekend? Where did the time go? So wild. Our weekend was mostly good. Friday we went to eat with Nate's parents and then back to enjoy a little fire. It was abnormally cool for July in Texas. It was just enough to tease us because it's back to hot and humid! 

Saturday morning I woke up before my boys and went outside for some Jesus time. I just love doing my bible study outside on the porch. When Nate and Mason woke up we decided to go to the 'Deer huntin' store' as Mason calls it {Cabelas}. We were excited because we haven't been in a while. But that all came to a great big halt the minute we got there. We were walking in the doors and Mason starts crying and throwing an epic fit because that wasn't the 'deer huntin' store' he wanted to go to. Apparently he thought we were going to Bass Pro Shop and he was ready to play in all of the boats. This was just the start of the fit-throwing-Saturday. I mean, it lasted all day. And this is why I said the weekend was mostly great. We swung by HEB on our way home to get some steaks to grill and I had to carry Mason out to the car kicking and screaming. Everyone was looking at us and I am sure they were thinking I either kidnapped him or beat him the way he was screaming "No please dont do it"....and all I was doing was carrying him! Goodness! It was quite the adventure. We got home and started playing outside and his attitude changed for the better! Whew! We spent the evening making homemade ice cream and hanging out by our chiminea with my inlaws. It ended up being a really nice weekend.

Sunday morning Nate got up with Gunner and took him to meet one of our friends who has Gunner's sister. They played together and swam together. He had a blast. I was wide awake at 7 am so I did what I do every other morning...grabbed my bible, some water, my phone and camera and went outside. I made some cinnamon rolls and woke Mason up around 10:30. We hung out on the porch for a while and then drove out to Waxahachie lake. We took Gunner. He played for a bit, but was too exhausted from his morning adventure. We came back home and made lunch. We spent the evening with family.

Oh and we have figured out what Mason's deal was on Saturday...another growth spurt! It's 11:46 am and he's still snoozing. And he was asleep before 10:00pm last night!

How was your weekend?
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Friday, July 18, 2014

{Oh Hey Friday - new blog, gunner & the creek, new phone case}

{O N E}

Oh hey new blog design & name!! I've been wanting to do this for a while, but wasn't sure the direction I wanted to go. I needed a change and wanted all of my social media accounts to match. I sent a few name suggestions to Nate and he came back with - 

Hall Across Texas
Hall or Nothing

Hall Across Texas...he was on to something! I loved it, but something about it sounded like we've moved/lived all over Texas. So I swapped Across with Around and little space become Hall Around Texas. I am not sure why 'Around' was any better than 'Across'...but in my mind it was. We love to travel 'Hall Around Texas'. :) It took me a day and a half to design and code my new layout/template, and I am loving it so far. I wanted something different than I've ever had. I usually lean more towards the bright pink and turquoise, or more recently the black and gold. I might make a few tweaks here and there, but for the most part this is it. 

 photo photo_zpsc7e11164.png

{T W O}

We took Gunner down to the creek Wednesday evening for a swim He did okay, but not enough to call him a water dog! We went in and swam across once. I think it was an accidental leap of faith. I'm chalking it up to the fact that there isn't a gradual entry anywhere, it just drops off all around. I mean, he is 100% lab, so he should love the water. Right?! We will try again. I love spending time down at the creek. It's so pretty and so peaceful.

 photo 672_zpsed301ff4.jpg
 photo 673_zps61af946a.jpg
 photo 674_zps820d670a.jpg
 photo 675_zps2c32903f.jpg
 photo 676_zps14e24cba.jpg

{T H R E E}

Speaking of Gunner, Nate has been working hard with him every evening. Teaching him to walk on a leash {heal, sit when Nate stops all that} and he has done so incredibly well. Sometimes I think he is too smart for his own good. We are also bell training him for when he needs to go out to potty. This morning when we went out from our normal 6-8am he rang the bell on his own. This was after only 1 day of bell training. He's also getting really good at fetching and listening to Nate's commands.

 photo 639_zps6bd0688f.jpg

{F O U R}

Target Dollar Section y'all!!! They have the cutest iPhone cases and accessories right now. I am usually more of a lifeproof/otterbox kind of girl, but I had to get this one. So summery and cute! They also have speakers, screen shields, buttons, stylus', etc. Love Target!

 photo 680_zpsad1a9850.jpg

{F I V E}

My Ipsy Bag came this week. I love almost everything in it. Especially the cute hot pink bag. I think it's my favorite bag to date. I tried the tanning oil and it was okay, kind of sticky. But, that's to be expected. And the nail polish isn't necessarily my color, but I love everything else. I cant wait to try the bareMinerals BB Cream eyeshadow {color is perfect} and I love the Pixi tinted lip balm.
 photo Ipsy_zpse079d844.jpg
It's been a pretty uneventful week around here. I think I have only left the house once. Ha! {The life of a work at home Mama} We try to spend as much time as we can outside. It rained one evening which had us couped up inside. I am still enjoying my mornings outside. I would say quiet time, but it's not so quite with a pup, kitten, donkey, chickens, roosters, turkey, and all of the birds! But I love it. I love having my Jesus time outside. And it's been so nice in the mornings. This morning was a bit the 60s. It has me dreaming of Fall. Ahhh! Fall is my favorite.  

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend? Do you subscribe to Ipsy? What did you get this month?
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

{Another pallet, another project}

If you know me at all then you know that Mason jars, burlap and pallets are pretty much my jam. The Hubbs and I made this American Flag pallet back in April. It was a tedious project, but we loved the outcome. It's become a favorite part of our home. It resides on the front of our house.

 photo FlagPallet_zps1a746bde.jpg

We are planning on making a Texas Flag one, too. When we do, we'll probably put it on the other side of our house. I really love this one that we saw at the Pink Pistol in Lindale, TX...

 photo PinkTexasFlag-MirandaLambert-PinkPistol_zps7f8eb7bf.png

...but I don't think I'll be able to talk him into making a pink one. Unless....oh yeah, unless I get him to make it for my in home office! That might work! ;)

Anyhow, I have been wanting to string white lights around our patio for a while now. The only problem is that our only tree on that side of the house isn't necessarily close to the patio. So, we had to get creative. My MIL mentioned stringing white lights onto a pallet and then hanging the pallet from the tree, just to give it a little something extra. Well, Nate doesn't think the pallet will give me that warm "ambiance" I am looking for around the porch. He is brainstorming on how to hang the pallet over the porch, or closer to it.  Last night I worked on stringing the lights through the pallet. This was definitely a piece of work! But, I finally got it and love the results. Can't wait to hang it! I'll be sure to post a picture when it's all done. photo 10455064_10152110388776148_8290490115386469908_n_zps5fe95251.jpg

 photo Pallet2_zps72944ade.jpg

Have you made any projects out of pallets? Share!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{It's the Little Things - Snippets of Summer}

 photo z_zps94d9e22d.jpg
 photo u_zps0ad23ac4.jpg
 photo x_zpsc01a5dac.jpg
 photo y_zps4dfe54e2.jpg
 photo v_zpsf76f45ad.jpg
 photo s_zpsca1293ec.jpg
 photo p_zps3bc3d589.jpg
 photo b_zps63c6e237.jpg
 photo zzzzzz_zps3039f99f.jpg
 photo z-7_zps654999e7.jpg
 photo z-5_zps1596b07e.jpg
 photo z-f_zps5e453896.jpg
 photo z-e_zps5992e91a.jpg
 photo z-c_zpsba0fc16d.jpg
 photo z-3_zps9f3427cd.jpg
 photo z-b_zps05ed0ae6.jpg

 photo Sweet_zps1cac8240.jpg
 photo Sweet2_zps391dd979.jpg
 photo Summertime_zps76671d40.jpg
linking up with Ashley and Jess for It's the Little Things! Summer time is in full swing and we are loving it! These are just snippets of our Summer so far.

How has your Summer been?

Sadie Sky Boutique

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