{Last day of Pre-K}

Friday, May 22, 2015

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Mason started his first day of Pre-K on August 18th {post here} and today, May 22nd will be his very last. It's so, so bittersweet. I just don't know any other word to describe it. The end of an era and the beginning of a new. I am so sad to leave behind this amazing school, the awesome teachers and all of Mason's friends he has made there. He will not be going to Kindergarten with any of his friends in his class. Most of them live on the other side of the highway and everyone is in different school districts.  We have vowed to summer play-dates with his best buddies and I plan to keep my part of that vow. I know how much his friends mean to him. And we will have to go back and visit everyone at this school because they are just awesome and mean so much to us. I will never have the words to accurately describe how thankful I am for his school and his teachers and the impact they have made on Mason's life. They have prepared him for all of his school days to come. Nathan and I both feel like Mason will be ahead of the game when he starts Kindergarten and I can't tell you how good that feels! He's writing, spelling and even doing basic math! Blows my mind. I would bet my right arm that I wasn't doing math at only 4 years old!! 

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I can't even begin to tell you how proud you make your Daddy and I. It has been the biggest blessing to watch you grow over the last year. You amaze us every single day. Your daddy and I just look at each other and smile from the inside out every time you speak. We don't even have to say a word because we both know that we are feeling the same exact thing. And quite honestly, there just are no words. It's indescribable. You are an amazing little guy with the kindest and funniest little spirit. You are full of personality and character and we just can't believe you are ours. You are more than we could have ever dreamed of, Mason. You fill our hearts with so much love and joy and we hope you know how happy you make us. Tonight you will graduate from Pre-K.  We can't believe it. You are so smart and have worked so hard all year to learn and have exceeded any expectations we had. We are incredibly proud of you, son. And just remember that tonight when your Mama is a weepy mess that it's all tears of love and joy. Yes, there is some sad mixed in because you are growing too incredibly fast. But, it will be mostly tears of pride and happy. For I know that the next time I blink you will be wearing a cap and gown for your high school graduation...then college...and then...ahhh, can't even think about it! 

I love you to Heaven and back a million times!

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{Disney Reveal Party}

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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This past Sunday we had Mason's Disney Reveal Party!! MASON KNOWS ABOUT DISNEY!!! Finally!! And now we can all breathe a little easier! Since the beginning of February we have had to talk in code around here so that we didn't ruin the surprise for Mason. And I have been receiving mail from Disney World like crazy lately and have to hide everything before a very curious little guy figured it out. Thank God Disney is smart enough to send things in brown boxes with no indication that it came from Disney! 

Anyhow, Nathan's mom planned a gathering for the 8 of us {that are going to Disney} for this past Sunday! She ordered pizza, had drinks and Mickey cookies. She made a scavenger hunt for Mason to find 5 clues that led to Disney World. They made him a treasure map that showed the clues were buried in Mason's sandbox. So off we went outside to find the clues. Mason dug until he found all 5 and we went back inside where a big box awaited him. We tried to get him to figure it out on his own, but he was too overwhelmed. Finally after opening the box we said "Dude, we're going to Disney World!!" It didn't really sink in, though. He's been talking about going for his 6th birthday and had it in his mind that's when he was going. So, he didn't really realize we meant like next weekend!  I think he would have shown more excitement had he not thought we were talking about taking him next year! haha. 

 photo 18_zpsholqvjcr.jpg  photo DISDISNEY1_PM_zpsznfgz4wr.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 2_PM_zpsmr37g5t7.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 4_PM_zpse3piij9m.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 5_PM_zpslh9rdi8q.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 6_PM_zpszsksbo0t.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 3_PM_zpsdyloio2d.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 7_PM_zpsqyozamcv.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 8_PM_zpsmj1pexnl.jpg  photo DISDISNEY 10_PM_zpssntyipx3.jpg

The countdown is on!
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{Mason's surprise fifth birthday dinner}

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nathan and I went back and forth on whether or not we should have Mason a birthday party this year. Mainly because our May was almost completely booked and also because Mason is going to Disney World for 7 days for his birthday and Pre-K graduation. But then then my side of the family reminded me they would like to celebrate his birthday and that helped us make our decision. We had a park birthday party planned, but with all of the rain we had to make last minute changes. It was too late to book anything like Chuck E Cheese or such so we settled for a surprise birthday dinner for him here in our home town. We wanted to at least make sure he was celebrated in some way. 

Nathan's mom and I went to the restaurant a little early to make sure all of the tables were setup and to decorate the cake & gift table. Nathan brought Mason to meet us about 15 minutes after the guests arrived. To be 100% honest, Mason was a little ticked. He didn't want to eat at that particular restaurant. Four year olds are so opinionated!  haha! He walks in, turns the corner and just keeps walking. He had no clue everyone was there for him. When he made the corner he saw the cake table and made a bee-line for that. I met him down there and turned him around to see everyone that was there to celebrate him! A huge smile took over his face and he made his rounds to say hello to everyone. 

Everyone ordered their food and while we were waiting we let Mason open his gifts! After supper we did cake and passed out goodie bags and that was it! Easiest birthday party I have ever done. And it was so needed with all that we have going on. Mason had a great time and that's what mattered most. And I want to make sure and note here how incredibly sweet and kind Mason was throughout the whole party. His manners were on point and he was just so tender to everyone. We had several people comment on his sweetness and his manners and had people tell us we are raisin' him right! Best compliment ever.

And in the craziness of it all I ran off and forgot my camera at home. So all I have is cruddy iPhone pictures. I promise to make up for it in Disney World! :)

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