{Guys Behind the Blog // A Link-up Reminder}

Just a reminder of the Guys Behind the Blog Link-up that goes live next Thursday! The month of May was a blur for me and I didn't get to post my May edition on time. So, I wanted to make sure to share the questions so that you all have them for June and July. It's so fun to be able to feature the guys on the blog once a month! We hope that you will join us!

{Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas}

 photo IMG_6922_zps9fjokdap.png

This is an old post that has been sitting in my drafts for the longest. However, I saw that today's "I'll show you" prompt was 'around my hometown' and it kind of fit. Just a little bit about the oh so charming place that I call home.

{Summertime Photo Checklist}

 Last year I created a summer photo checklist of all of the photos that I thought would capture summertime perfectly. I wanted to challenge myself to this photo checklist again this summer so I updated my list. I changed out some specific things with some more general items. Below is a list of 50 things I hope to capture in a photograph this summer.

{$10 to Target}

Time for one of my favorite link-ups...$10 Target Challenge! Basically, you go to Target and try to spend $10 or less and then link-up what you bought! Target is one of my favorite stores and I love to see what people find & buy there. It's also fun to get to peek inside Target stores in other places. I have noticed that my Target looks so much different than everyone else's. #smalltowntexas But, I went yesterday and they are renovating our store! It's starting to look so much more like all of the stores I see in other posts and it's so nice!! I am excited to see it when it's complete. Anyhow, here is a look at what I got this month.

{Sweet Summertime 2017 // Vol. 1}

Hi, my name is Crystal and I am a picture hoarder. As of last week I had over 5,000 pictures in my phone. I decided to back them up to my external harddrive and iTunes last week so that I could clear some off my phone. It took me hours! And once I was done I just knew I had taken about 3/4 of the photos off my phone...but nope...I still had over 3,500 photos on there. And that's when I knew that I truly am a photo hoarder. So many of my pictures never even leave my phone {except to back-up}. I am always waiting for that 'perfect time' to post the picture and then it gets way too long after it was taken to share it. Does anyone else do that? Well, today I am going to break that cycle a bit and share some photos here on the blog. These are all from summer so far this year. Oh sweet summertime!!!!