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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hi friends! Just a random, catch up post here. 

Well, I had fully intended on participating faithfully in the Blog-tember challenge...but life proved otherwise. I was inspired and ready to roll with the daily challenges, but life got so busy that I was rushing through the posts. I was writing just enough to get the post up, but didn't get to fully say what my heart wanted to say. I may pop in here and there for some of the topics, but I am not putting the pressure on myself to do every challenge.

Last week Mason had a 'crazy hair day' at school. We spiked his hair like crazy and sprayed it green with one of those Halloween hair colors. It's almost a week later and I still can't get all of the green out of his hair! He was mid haircut on Saturday when I remembered his green hair and had to inform the hairdresser that his hair isn't usually green! ha. He looked cute though...

 photo 14_zps1a999ed5.jpg
 photo 15_zps39ce7488.jpg
 photo 18_zpsaf6c009c.jpg

We had the best weekend this past weekend! We didn't do anything special, but it was just one of those good ones. Friday I had a hair appointment. I went to a new hairdresser and fell in love! Her shop is in downtown Waxahachie and is such a neat building. Plus, I really really liked her. She's someone that I can see myself being friends with. And, she is awesome at hair color. I went from blonde blonde, to a darker color for Fall. It's almost an ombre because she let some of my blonde come through. I love it. This is the picture she posted on Facebook.
 photo NewHair2_zps0f110745.jpg
That evening hung around Waxahachie and helped Nate's parents with a few things. Nate's dad had back surgery on Friday. Saturday we took our little Gunner boy for his shots. He didn't even flinch and did really well. After his shots we went to the RV and Camper show in Dallas. We had so much fun just strolling through and checking out all of the different layouts. And it was just one of those days that made me so thankful for my sweet little family. And every time Nathan moved or spoke I just fell more in love with him. Sunday we went to church and it was amazing. I just love the Cowboy Church and how much it feels like 'home'.

After church we went back to Nate's parents house to visit and check on his dad. That evening was spent getting ready for the next week.

It's hunting season!!!

 photo 10_zps91a970b9.jpg

We just started a new study in She Reads Truth called Open Your Bible. I'm so very excited for this one. Friends, if you haven't checked out She Reads Truth yet, I encourage you to do so. This particular study is free on the app and always free on the web site. 

 photo OpenYourBible_zps3ecb16ae.jpg

Thursday we are leaving for the beach. Just Nathan and I. We are meeting four of our friends there for a long weekend. I am excited. Very excited. But anxious and sad too. We will be leaving Mason home with his Grandparents. It's an adult only trip this time. This will make 2 total that Nathan and I have ever gone on without Mason. And the first one was only 2 days!! 

That's pretty much what we have been up to lately. What about you? What's going on in your world lately?

{Blog-tember Challenge - Day 13 // Relationship Status}

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sept 13th: Your current relationship status. If dating/married, give us a glimpse of your story! If single, share about this special season.

 photo 001_zps6ef017f3.jpg

I am very happily married to my best friend!! Nathan and I met when we were just teens in high school. We were best friends for a year before we actually started dating. Now we are celebrating our 18th year together this November 1st and we just had our 8th wedding anniversary on August 25th. Nathan truly is my soul-mate and completes me in every way.

Brave Love Blog

{Blog-tember Challenge - Day 12 // Traditions}

Sept 12th: Tell us about a favorite tradition. It could be a family tradition or from a holiday, university, you-name-it. What makes it so special?

 photo traditions2_zpsa63f8a6c.png

Traditions are my favorite!!! They give me something to look forward to every year. 

For the Fall
+ visit the pumpkin patch
+ carve pumpkins
+ go to Jellystone Park in Burleson for their Halloween Extravaganza
+ Texas State Fair

For the Winter - 
+ go to the Christmas tree farm
+ put up Christmas tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving
+ cut a sliver of the trunk of the tree off to make an ornament for our tree
+ take family photos
+ ride the North Pole Express in Grapevine
+ get new Christmas pajamas
+ make ornaments & build a gingerbread house
+ visit Santa at Bass Pro Shop
+ make a video for Mason from Santa
+ bake cookies for Santa

What traditions do you have? 

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{Blog-tember Challenge - Day 11 // How I stay inspired}

Sept 11th: How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you the most?

 photo myinsiration_zpsd18898ce.png

My biggest and best inspiration is my boys, of course. I try to think about them in everything that I do and to always put them first. They both push me and make me want to be a better person, mother and wife. They encourage me. They give me the drive. They are my everything.

For the other things...music, Pinterest and Instagram inspire me. 

What inspires you?

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{A Grateful Heart // 9-11-14}

Thursday, September 11, 2014

 photo agrateful9_zps64d284c2.png

Last night I went to bed with a very, very anxious heart. I tend to let worry take over me to the point where it becomes anxiety. Worry has always been a part of my life. And it became worse after I became a Mother. I have a constant need to protect and when that is out of my control fear takes hold. All day long yesterday I heard talk about threats to our country, saw Facebook post after post about these threats and how people were preparing for 9/11. It terrified me, honestly. Also, as I was praying last night I saw my phone light up and it was one of my really good friends of 25+ years asking for prayer. I didn't sleep much to say the least. I tossed and turned. Mason also didn't sleep very well. I worried even more that maybe he felt my anxiety. It was a long night.


This morning I woke up to a friend posting this scripture...

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.
- John 16:33 

It was just what I needed to hear. It immediately gave me peace. Then I went to take Gunner outside and saw the most glorious sunrise...

 photo Sunrise-WaxahachieTX9-11-14_zpseb61f44f.jpg

THEN...as I am driving to take Mason to school I see a huge rainbow....THEN as I am leaving Mason's school I round the corner to see the rays in the sky making the most perfect cross.

When my anxious thoughts multiply within, Your consolations delight my soul.
-Psalm 94:19
 Thank you God. Thank you. 

Our God is so faithful and I am so grateful for the reminders he sent me this morning. This week I am also grateful for...

+ family
+ fall pretties on pinterest
+ cooler weather headed to texas
+ good eye dr reports {post here}
+ allergy medicine
+ our roots and where God has led us
+ freedom
+ prayer warriors
+ friends that are more like family
+ imaginations

What are you grateful for, friend?

Ember Grey
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