{Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt}

I'm not sure how your Thanksgivings go, but ours is usually filled with adults watching the Dallas Cowboy game or adults playing cards. I wanted to create an activity for Mason {and the other kids} to do. So, I made a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt and wanted to share it here in case you needed a fun little activity as well. Enjoy and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

{2017 Winter Bucketlist}

With our recent trip to the Polar Express and Grinch's Lair I am thinking of hardly anything but Christmas. It's hard not to. Christmas time truly is the best time! All of the togetherness, festivities, lights, traditions, church, cheer, etc. just makes my heart so full and happy. I really wish that Christmas time lasted longer and if it were up to me I'd leave the Christmas tree up year round. There is something so special and magical about the glow of a Christmas tree. I can't wait to make memories with my sweet family this season. Today I am sharing with you our 2017 Winter {and Christmas} Bucketlist. I am sure we will fit in many more adventures... and of course there is all of those little things like Christmas crafting, trimmin' the tree, Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans, building a gingerbread house, making reindeer food, watching the reindeer cam, having a Christmas movie night, etc. Anyhow, here is our 2017 Winter Bucketlist...

{2017 Fall Bucketlist // Wrap-up}

Oh fall, how I love you so! We had so much fun adventuring through the season. While we didn't finish everything on our 2017 fall bucketlist, I feel like we put a pretty great dent in it. Here's a final look at our list and what we did/didn't accomplish.

{Five on Friday // DIY Pajamas, Shirts, Ornaments, Polar Express & Grinch, Thanksgiving at Mason's school, Jeep}

Happy finally Friday! It seems like the week before a holiday always drags out! Mason is out all next week for Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more excited! I have to work, but I still get to spend a lot of time with him. He really needs this break from school. He's getting burned out and bored. So I pray this break is refreshing for him and that he goes back ready to learn. Anyhow, here's a little five on Friday...

{Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm // 2017 Fall Bucketlist Update}

I just realized that I briefly mentioned Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm in one of my 2017 Bucket List Update posts, but I never posted the rest of the pictures. Mason and I visited the farm on a Saturday while Nate was in a fishing tournament. Shadow Creek is a brand new pumpkin patch that opened in the next town over. I knew from the first time I started seeing advertisements about the farm that I wanted to go and support them. The entire time they were open they were supporting one organization or another. Their first year open and they were giving away much of their proceeds! Anyhow, Mason and I had such an amazing time. We spent over 3.5 hours at the farm. It was so pretty and so relaxing.