Thursday, June 30, 2016

{The Guys Behind the Blog // June edition}

Time for Guys Behind the Blog! It's hard to believe we have been linking up for over a year now! It's one of my favorite posts each month! But, I have a confession - I didn't read the instructions and interviewed Nathan instead of my Dad. I was just so used to asking him all of the questions, I suppose. Ooops!

June Questions:
June is all about celebrating dads and grads. That’s how the saying goes, right? Next month we are going to shift our attention to some other guys behind our blogs — our dads! To celebrate Father’s Day we have a series of questions to interview your dad or a father figure in your life with.

1.) What did you have as a child that kids today don't have?

Nintendo, Vanilla Ice, the mom-arm seatbelt while standing in the front seat.

2.) What did you want to be as a child when you grew up?

A professional baseball player or a game warden.

3.) What three adjectives would you use to describe fatherhood?

Fast, hard and fun.

4.) How many years have you been a father and how many children do you have?

6 years and only one son.

5.) What is one piece of advice or wisdom you would like to pass on to your children?

To work hard and get an education, but mainly work hard. There are a lot of smart but lazy people out there with nothing to show for it.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

{Beach Packing List}

Hall Around Texas Beach Packing List

Hall Around Texas Beach Packing List

I am officially in vacation/beach mode and trying to think of everything we need to bring with us! I think I covered the essentials above, but if I am forgetting anything please let me know. As you can see, I didn't put a towel next to Nate's group of things. Apparently towels are overrated as far as he's concerned. ha.

I've heard that baby powder helps to get the sand off. Have any of you tried that trick? Any other tips or tricks I should know about? We will be spending a week at the beach and we are staying in Nate's parent's RV. So, I'm trying to think of ways that I keep from bringing pounds of sand back with us each time we visit the beach. I feel like that's impossible, though! Also, if you've ever been to Panama City Beach FL and know of anything we must do or restaurants we must eat at, please let me know. My sweet friend Leslie was so generous to send me an awesome list and I can't wait to try some of the places she knows and loves.

Are you going on a summer vacation? Tell me about it! I love traveling and vacationing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

{Splash-tastic // Slip and Slide fun}

I don't know why 'playing on a slip n slide' didn't make our summer bucketlist cut, but it totally should have. I've been trying to find things that Mason can do to keep cool at home during the week. One afternoon we were walking around Five Below and I found a slip and slide...perfect! I remember growing up with these things and how they provided hours of entertainment for us. I knew Mason would love it. And if he didn't, it was only $5 bucks.

We finally hooked it up this past week! Mason drove his truck around a bit while Nathan worked on the water hose. It had some kind of attachment on it and he had the toughest time getting it off.

 photo 9_zpsjxb5wfyi.jpg  photo 10_zpst0dagn6r.jpg  photo 11_zpsntpy5c8t.jpg  photo 12_zpsqjsrngzh.jpg
 photo 1_zpstinngn7n.jpg  photo 3_zpsgaubh0wp.jpg  photo 7_zpse9zvxw7m.jpg  photo 8_zpsqdamrwzz.jpg

Finally, it was ready for play. Nathan joined Mason while I took pictures. I guess I didn't realize how hard it would be to get pictures with water going in every which different direction and with moving bodies. But, I love the ones that I got. These boys have my heart and I just love them so. I love how Nathan gets right in there and plays with Mason.

 photo 17_zpsrdnfz5p4.jpg  photo 16_zps53coc8j5.jpg  photo 18_zpsdhfwsgvz.jpg  photo 19_zpspdjqkcop.jpg  photo 20_zpsk5krmuaf.jpg  photo 22_zpsbldpfest.jpg  photo 21_zpsmuqutkto.jpg  photo 23_zpsr9qxshw5.jpg

Mason loves the slip and slide. I wasn't sure exactly how it would go because he typically doesn't like water splashed in his face. But, the slip and slide didn't bother him one bit. He did have a little trouble sliding the full length of the slide though. He would back up like 20 feet and take off running to the slip and slide and then of course slow {nearly stop} when he got to the edge of it. It was so fun and funny to watch.

 photo 24_zpsjkdfqpyu.jpg  photo 25_zpschovtn0s.jpg  photo 26_zpsj6t2tcgk.jpg  photo 27_zpsusjtutsf.jpg  photo 29_zpswnkhncy1.jpg  photo 31_zpsuugy40eu.jpg
 photo 32_zpshzcgrxte.jpg  photo 33_zpschekjrgv.jpg  photo 30_zpsupgolwvl.jpg  photo 35_zpsozisq3xp.jpg  photo 37_zpsknox6kcb.jpg  photo 40_zps2i3o3erq.jpg  photo 41_zpsbbvm05me.jpg  photo 39_zpsgcee7p2w.jpg

slip and slide fun - june 2016 from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

What are you guys doing to keep cool in the summer?