{Friday Five}

Happy finally Friday! It's been one of those weeks that drag out! All day on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday. Mercy!! Not a bad week, just a long one. Anyone else feel that way?'s been forever since I have written a Five on Friday post! Like since November. Whoa. Anyhow, here are my Friday five.

{Guys Behind the Blog // February}

Hall Around Texas Guys Behind the Blog

Wow, I am not sure how we are almost done with February. That month flew by in a flash. Time for the Guys Behind the Blog - February edition!! I love getting to feature Nate on the blog each month and always look forward to his answers! Most of the time I can predict exactly how he would answer them and sometimes he totally surprises me. Here are his answers for February's edition of The Guys Behind the Blog.

{$10 Target Challenge}

Time for one of my favorite link-ups, $10 Target Challenge {just a few days late...story of my life lately}. Target is for sure my happy place and I love any excuse to go shopping there. Sometimes, okay a lot of the time, I don't even make it past the Dollar Spot. But, this month? I totally did! I wanted to scope out the Easter section while it was still fresh on the shelves. Our Target is the only one across many cities so it gets picked over pretty dang quick. I had planned on getting Mason a plastic Easter basket and then making him a vinyl decal on my Cricut. But then I got to Target and everything changed....

{Three things // Currently}

I mentioned yesterday that I've been a little MIA and the only excuse I can muster up is life, man. It's been happening and blogging & social media have not! So what has been keeping me so busy? Well, a little bit of everything...

{This past weekend}

Happy Monday! It's a rainy and dark day over our way. We had some bad storms roll through in the middle of the night and today is just yuck! But, Mason has no school and Nate has a day off work. While I am working, I am happy to be at home with them. So, I kind of took a little unexpected blogging break. Actually, it's been radio silence across all social media platforms. The only excuse I have is...LIFE! We've had so much {good} going on and because of that I've had no time to blog or post to Instagram {I haven't posted on IG since Super Bowl Sunday...what?!}. Anyhow, I am ready to be back. While the break was somewhat refreshing, I do miss this space. Let's jump back in with a look at our weekend {another in which I failed to document by pictures!}...