Ohhhhh Mason Lane!! My sweet boy. Today you are seven years old. Seven. My mama heart can barely handle it.

{First Grade // End of the Year Awards}

Yesterday was Mason's end of the year awards for First Grade! He did so well and we are so proud of him. It's hard to believe that only half a day separates us from summer and then off to 2nd grade. Where did this year go?

{This Past Weekend // Winery, Sleepovers, Carwash and Birthdays}

Oh my word! Does anyone else feel like their head is about to spin off? May is such a crazy month for us! All of the end of the year school activities, Mason's birthday week, gearing up for a weekend getaway, church events, PTO, etc. have kept me one busy woman. Mondays just don't happen around here. And if I'm being honest, it's 9:06 am on Tuesday and I am just now writing this post. Here's a look at this past weekend...

{This Past Weekend // Ranger game, time with friends & Mother's Day}

Happy Thursday! I can't believe I am just now sharing about this past weekend. The Monday after a busy Sunday is just too hard {plus I took entirely too many pictures and the thought of going through them was overwhelming}. I was in a weekend hangover/funk all day long on Monday and did very little blogging {or anything else for that matter}. And then Tuesday came and I just slapped some pictures I wanted to share into a post, Wednesday I had something planned and now here we are, already at Thursday. We had such an incredible weekend and there is no way that I could go on without blogging about it. Here is a look at...

{Remembering The Little Things // Vol. 1}

Joining some of my blog friends for a sweet little link-up called Remembering the Little Things. I try to jot down somewhere {Facebook, my blog, or a note in my phone} little moments and things that I want remembered, but sometimes I fail. These moments are fleeting and I want to remember every little thing of Mason's childhood. Therefore, I am trying to do better about documenting all of the things. Today I am sharing four little things I want to remember...