Thursday, February 11, 2016

{Toddlerhood // Mason-isms}

Oh sweet Jesus! I just found this post in my drafts and it pains me that I never posted it. This was back in his early toddlerhood days. I wanted it on the I am posting it a few years later!! I just posted Things Mason Says {as a big ol five year old}, but I loved finding this and seeing the things that he said back when he was my little baby!!


Mason has always been a big talker. He started talking very early and, well, hasn't stopped since. And what I've loved most? Is the words he makes up on his own. But, as he's getting older he's starting to say the correct words. Not, gonna makes me a little bit sad. Also, he has always said "T" for "C" sounded words. Came home from school one day and was saying his "C's"...Cat, Kitty, more Tar, Titty, Tat...just like that!

 He still has a few "Masonisms" and I am hanging on to them as long as I can....

Hick-up Truck
{pick up truck}

Four Liter
{four wheeler}



Hear Phones
{ear phones}

{cinnamon toast crunch cereal} 

Got Dr Pepper
{diet dr pepper}


Beep Beep and Beepsters
{his boy parts}


Pooter Pooter

Ruffle Man
{wrestle man} 
Mote Patrol
{Remote Control} 

And some of his phrases - 

"I already only got that"

"Don't leave without about me"

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

{The Kids Behind the Blog // V1}

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It's finally time for our Kids Behind the Blog link-up! I have been impatiently waiting for this day for several weeks. To read about all of the details - click here.

Questions for February // With Mason's Answers

1.) Where is your favorite place to go?
Disney World!!

2.) Who is your best friend?

3.) If you could be a superhero what would your superpower be?
Me // pick one superpower
Mase // every power!
Me // but what is your favorite?
Mase // teleporting

4.) What is your favorite candy?
Ummm....every kind?!
Me // don't say everything, pick one. What is your favorite kind of candy?
Mase // Gushers
Me // Gushers? That's a fruit snack. Pick a candy.
Mase // a sucker

5.) Who is your Valentine?

I asked Mason these questions in bed one night and I recorded his answers. It's just a black screen, but it's the only way I can video him these below.

Hosts // 

Dates // 

February 10th {first link-up}
March 9th
April 13th
May 11th
June 8th
July 13th
August 10th
September 14th
October 12th
November 9th
December 14th

Grab our button and link-up with us!!

Hall Around Texas

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

{Tuesday Talk // Our Love Story}

Linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for Tuesday Talk // Our Love Story!!

Part 1 // How we met and started dating

Part 2 // The high school and college days

Part 3 //  And then Nate gets really, really sick...

Part 4 // Our happily ever after

{2016 Blogger Valentine Exchange}

Mason and I joined some of our best blog friends for a kid Valentine swap! For over two weeks straight Mason received mail and got so excited with each new piece. We have some very creative and crafty friends. I let Mason open each Valentine as he received them, but then I made him put them in his Valentine Box {mean Mom!}. I wanted to take a picture of Mason with his Valentine's once he received them all. He didn't ever complain. He would just ask me, "can I have some of my Valentine's now?" Actually, he says "Valentime's" and it's too dang cute to correct him just yet.

All of Mason's Valentines...


Mason and I decided on these adorable Dino-Mite Valentines to send to our friends.

DIY Dino-Mite Valentine's

Supplies needed:
Mini Dinosaurs {ordered ours from Amazon}
Free Printable {here}
Cardstock & Printer
Twine or Washi tape
Exacto knife

I thought I could use a hole punch to make the holes to thread the twine through, but that didn't work. The hole punch wouldn't reach far enough into the center of the card where I wanted my dinosaurs, so I had to make my own holes with an exacto knife. All I did was lay the dinosaur on the card and then marked where I needed my holes, punched them with the knife and then tied the dinosaurs on. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, they were easy...but very time consuming!! And they're not very kid-helping friendly. It was worth it though, they were pretty adorable.

DIY DinoMite Valentines

DIY DinoMite Valentines

DIY DinoMite Valentines

DIY DinoMite Valentines

PS - if you plan on mailing these you will need to take them into the post office to get postage. Even though they feel like they weigh nothing and you could just slap a stamp on them, you can't. The dinosaur creates a bulge in the envelope and they will not go through the machines and thus requires more postage. It cost about $.98 cents to mail one of these cards. For some families that had two kids I put two in a bubble envelope and those were about $2.50 to mail.

Below are all of the bloggers in the swap! Be sure to visit all of their links for creative Valentine's Day ideas!!

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