{It's the Little Things // Mason & Diesel}

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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"Diesel, I am your brudder and I will always love you and watch out for you. I will never hurt you," - Mason

Oh these two!! They fill my heart with so much joy! Mason is head over heels in love with Diesel and says that he's the puppy he's always wanted. I am so, so happy Diesel is back into our lives and that he and Mason are the best of friends. Mason truly is the best big 'brudder' to him and I can't wait to watch him with an actual sibling someday. 

PS - if you haven't read Diesel's story click HERE >> it's a good one! 3 years away and he's back home. 

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{Swim Lessons // Summer 2015}

Monday, June 29, 2015

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Mason started private swim lessons last week! We attempted swim lessons last March, but didn't really complete them. The place we went was a swim school and instead of teaching them survival in a week or two {like most places} they spread it out over different levels {starting at 1 and going up to 12, which could take months or a year +}. It was a swim school where you could eventually be on a competing swim team. It was almost like gymnastics the way they did it there. We quit the school as Mason lost interest. So this year we decided we wanted to get him in private lessons. I remember several different family friends using a lady a town over from us and contacted one of them to get her information. She comes pretty well recommended. We called her and by the Grace of God she had a cancellation and was able to work Mason in! We were thrilled. The only time she had open though was last week at 1:30pm M-F. Thankfully my Mother in Law was able to take him M-T and Nate took him on Friday. Nate was so excited to see all that he learned during the week and said that Mason did awesome. He took video and pictures for him since I was not able to go.

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Lessons went really well and Mason learned so much. And most importantly, he enjoyed the lessons.  My Mother in Law says that he was so anxious to learn each day.  I am so glad we were able to get in with Shelby!! 

Also, I bought Mason a new pair of swim trunks that are red & white. He calls them his lifeguard swim-trunks. It reminded me that I had swim-trunks for Diesel from when he was our first baby. That poor pup wore clothes all the time. Anyhow, I dug them out and put them on Diesel and Mason thought it was hilarious. He laughed for a solid 5 minutes and then asked me to take pictures of them. ha! Oh how I love these sweet boys of mine.

 photo 5_zpsnymbzoj9.jpg  photo 4_zps8xhousya.jpg  photo 1_zpshppjwdju.jpg  photo 2_zpss6f6uoea.jpg  photo 3_zpsmara82rl.jpg

Diesel looks thrilled, doesn't he? He's a good sport, though. 

Do you take your child to swim lessons?

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{First big boy injury}

Saturday, June 27, 2015

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When we were in Tennesee Mason got his first big boy injury! Sure, he's had bumps and bruises throughout his 5 years...but this one is the biggest yet. 

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While we were cleaning up the church {after my Papa's birthday party} we let the kids go play on the tiny playground next to the church. We were all sitting outside when Mason came up crying. He was on the teeter-totter with his cousin and when he was in the air his cousin jumped off and Mason slammed down onto the metal handle. He cut his little chin open and bruised it up pretty good. He was such a big boy, though. I know that it hurt but there were so many eyes on him that he didn't cry that much. We cleaned it up and put a bandaid on it. It wasn't deep enough for stitches, but deep enough that it kept bleeding. We went to Walgreens to get some liquid bandaid and some butterfly bandages, but it was so humid and Mason was so sweaty that nothing wanted to stay on. 

Honestly, it broke my heart into a million pieces. I don't think there's anything harder than seeing your child in pain. I wanted to take it away with every fiber of my being. I know he's a boy and this is probably the first of many injuries {although I pray it's the first and last}, but it's still hard. 

Poor guy! But, it didn't keep him from playing his little heart out Saturday night. And it's healing up pretty good now. 

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