{Weekend Wrap-up // Pt 2 // Cleburne State Park}

Back at ya with a part 2 to our weekend post! On our way back from Glen Rose on Saturday we decided to stop at Cleburne State Park {the perks of being a state park pass holder - no entry fee!} in Cleburne, TX. We have camped there a couple of times and really enjoyed it. We found a nice little cove where Nate could fish, Mason could take a dip and I could take some photos! It was the perfect little secluded area that let in just enough of that sweet golden sunlight!

 photo 52_zpsosutap4q.jpg  photo 53_zps6vbnf3kk.jpg  photo 2_zpspi7dhgrf.jpg  photo 3_zpsgipynm29.jpg  photo 7_zps0um5yyik.jpg  photo 8_zpsajjfv2px.jpg  photo 9_zpsjk4vhjj4.jpg  photo 13_zpsvtqepgpg.jpg  photo 14_zpsvtpyzddw.jpg  photo 17_zpslk5scmwu.jpg  photo 18_zpsw9dbclu9.jpg  photo 20_zpswzqcvl1u.jpg  photo 23_zpsnopjnctb.jpg  photo 31_zpskaijixmh.jpg

And then Mason got silly and asked me to take this next set of pictures! I have absolutely no clue what he was doing, but when he asks me to take pictures I happily oblige {and snap as many as fast as I can}.

 photo 42_zpsiayntvmw.jpg  photo 33_zps5oiubwtp.jpg  photo 25_zpsedsftcn1.jpg  photo 29_zpsnwqg7kh2.jpg  photo 26_zpsqzan5dtg.jpg

And then he started practicing some of his karate moves! He lives, eats and breathes karate these days. It doesn't matter what he's playing with, Legos, Batman characters, etc, they are doing karate. And he's stuck on this show called Kickin' It which is also all about karate/martial arts!

 photo 34_zpsz7kgxxbm.jpg  photo 39_zpsmktszmmi.jpg  photo 40_zpswufuxtqm.jpg  photo 37_zps5hqg7odw.jpg  photo 44_zpsfhqvpflp.jpg

After our karate show we moved on to the next spot...the boat dock area. They built a new dock so Mason and I hung out on that while Nate did some more fishing. It was shaded, but the sun was starting to set so it was shining in from the sides. But, we didn't mind. We told knock knock jokes and laughed until our sides hurt.

 photo 45_zpsxzojykrm.jpg  photo 46_zpspoqb7iou.jpg  photo 47_zpslkvf2dew.jpg  photo 48_zpsydacipnn.jpg  photo 49_zps5ozbz7yo.jpg  photo 50_zpsxdmhkc48.jpg  photo 51_zpsyygsnimz.jpg  photo 54_zpswmlejbaa.jpg

Once we finished in this area we hopped back in the truck and drove around the camping areas. We were amazed at how many people were actually tent camping. Those are some brave souls sleeping in this 100 degree plus weather!

We had the absolute best day and made so many memories that will last for a lifetime!


  1. What an awesome state park! Love the karate moves!!

  2. What sweet memories! I love that y'all are soaking up every bit of summer you can. You also always have the perfect settings for pictures.

  3. Loving those goofy shots too! He's loving life!!

  4. What an awesome weekend!! I'm adding to my list of all the places in Texas we need to visit! We've taught Wyatt what an RV is, now I just need him to convince Daddy we need one! Just think of all the wonderful trips!!

  5. Not even a state park can keep the ninja inside Mason! Love these photos.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful, as always!!!!! He's too cute!

  7. I absolutely love Mason in his hat. So adorable. Looks like so much fun. Glad you had such a great weekend.

  8. Laughing til your sides hurt sounds like some pretty great memories. Tent camping in that heat?! That is just plain nuts.

  9. You guys find the coolest spots to spend your days!
    Mason and his karate! I love that's he's so into that!

  10. What a fun little excursion! You guys find the best ways to beat the heat.


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