{Weekend Wrap-up}

Happy Wednesday!! I can't believe this is the first time I am posting this week. Saturday I started coming down with a nasty, awful virus. It started with a sore-throat and then went full on to 'I can't even get out of bed' type of thing. It was much like the flu. I'm not 100% better yet, but I think I am on the mend. I have a lot of catching up to do, though...blogging, replying to emails, reading blogs, housework, and SLEEP!

Anyhow, I wanted to recap our weekend because it was a good one! Saturday was our last soccer game of the season. So bittersweet! It's been so fun watching Mason play and really get into soccer. But, I know that summer is not a good time for organized sports for us. We are gone most weekends on little trips here and there. We lost our last game, but the kids did really well and had fun. And they still got medals, so they were all good!

 photo 1_zpsrbtupjkw.jpg  photo 2_zpsisqv2ewq.jpg  photo 4_zpsby9udzou.jpg  photo 6_zpstd5ptzal.jpg  photo 7_zpsr7p9kc19.jpg  photo 8_zpsolhe8awh.jpg  photo 9_zpselkfdywq.jpg

Sunday was church! I woke up feeling pretty much like a mack truck hit me, but I wasn't running fever which meant I was NOT missing church. Mason loves to put our tithes in the offering plate at church and always goes down to the end of the pew to wait. I looked down and saw this sweet moment and knew I had to capture it. This is the father of one of our really good friends and he and his wife are such loving people. All the kids in the church call them Nana and Papa. We just adore them. This is a true example of our church - a big and loving family!

 photo 24_zpsm9gihoqw.jpg

Sunday after church Nate had to go into work for a bit. Mason and I hung out at home. He found a movie on Netflix and he let me rest for a while. It was glorious. I can't remember the last time I have napped.

Nate got home around 5:00 and said that his brother had located the goat that escaped earlier that morning. So, we all went outside to watch the goat chase! It was quite comical. They finally got her corralled into my in-laws property. We thought it would be okay after that because they have a fence on all sides of their property...just needed to catch her.  But, the goat proved to us otherwise. She ran straight through the fence and into the 150 acre cattle ranch next door. We just knew they would not come home with her. But then they proved us wrong. Nate and Ty brought her back! Poor thing. She was probably terrified.

 photo 10_zpsdvoxcjke.jpg  photo 11_zpsmn0agiaw.jpg  photo 12_zps37b7fvkh.jpg

It was almost as good as the time we went to town only to discover that we had taken some chickens along for the ride.

While the great goat chase was still commencing Mason jumped on the trampoline and I begged him to let me take some pictures. These two shots cost me $2 bucks. Ugh! Little turkey! But...popsicle face, messy hair, dirty hands...isn't that was summer is made of?

 photo 13_zpsl1y8kktp.jpg  photo 14_zpsdhzgvw1t.jpg

Then it was time for some whiffle ball. Mason has really gotten into baseball lately and wants to play every evening with his dad! He is doing so dang good, too. They've been working on hand-eye coordination, hitting and catching. He's really caught on. I'm praying this means he will want to play baseball again soon!

 photo 15_zpsd9pmtwjk.jpg  photo 16_zpszmdr0qf7.jpg  photo 17_zps0llq8c9k.jpg  photo 18_zpsojmwzfmi.jpg  photo 19_zpspojmuhqx.jpg  photo 20_zpsja0c9x6z.jpg  photo 21_zps0d2iwkj3.jpg  photo 22_zpssut4edbf.jpg  photo 23_zpsercalpjf.jpg

And that was our weekend! How was yours?


  1. Glad you are feeling better! I'm with you on not doing organized sports in the summer. We are just to busy!

  2. Your weekend sounds like it was pretty god even though you didn't feel good. I hope you're feeling better now! The goat story made me laugh so much and of course, I had to go read your chicken story which was even funnier! isn't it wonderful when kids figure out how to bribe us into giving them money so we can do things with them! Haha! Silly boys!!

  3. So sorry to hear youre under the weather, get well soon! Sounds like a crazy weekend to me, goat chasing isnt something we experience all too often here in my neighborhood haha. Though I wouldnt mind owning one, I love chevre cheese!

  4. Awe, poor goat! hahaha! Hope you are starting to feel better; being sick over the weekend really sucks.

  5. So sorry you haven't been feeling well. That's no fun. Glad Mason enjoyed his last soccer game. There will be many more seasons for a win at the end. The goat story made me laugh. I remember one of my dad's pigs getting out of his pen when I was a child and I had to sit on the hill by the house while my mom and dad chased him around and around the barn. Ha ha! Maybe that's why he stopped farming with pigs. The picture of Mason with Papa is so sweet. I hope the rest of your week goes well.

  6. Despite being sick you seemed to have a great weekend! Yay for Mason letting you nap too! And I can't get over you guys were chasing after goats... You really do live in the country! And oh how I can relate to "paying" for photos. We bribe with toys and oh man has it become expensive!!!

  7. What a busy weekend you had!! I love how you capture the every day greatness of being a boy Mom!

  8. I missed you this week. Glad to see your okay and clicking away. Summer is so close now friend. I say it is $2 wel spent :).

  9. I hope you feel better soon! I love goats. The goat riding the cart is so funny!

  10. Smart kid you got, charging you for pictures...hehe :) Money well spent. Hope you are feeling better!

  11. Get well soon! I love the picture of Mason in the soccer goal!

  12. Such a bummer you weren't feeling well! But, your weekend sounds like it was a good one.
    Marcus loves to put the tithes in the collection plate, too!
    Those shots you captured of Mason hitting the ball are SO good! You much teach me your ways!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!