{Spring 2016 bucketlist // Update #1}

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We have steadily been checking things off our spring time bucketlist. We've already knocked out 9 of the 20 things we put on our list. And as we are trucking along I am realizing so many things we forgot to put on our list. Ooops! We'll just save those for our summer bucketlist, I suppose. I mean, that will happen like tomorrow since Texas is notorious for having a very short spring season.

Minus the camping pictures below...I've been trying to make myself use my big camera over my iPhone camera lately! And I have been enjoying it so much. I look for reasons to take pictures now. Today I am going to share 6 of the things we have crossed off our spring 2016 bucketlist so far.

{O N E} // Camping! I recently blogged about our camping time with my family here. And then I failed completely at blogging about our camping trip to Glen Rose, TX. We spent a weekend with Nate's family and some family friends in Glen Rose. It was much colder than we anticipated so we spent most of our time shopping indoors at the town squares of Granbury and Glen Rose, or huddled around the fire, or eating at restaurants. It was still a good time!
 photo glen1_zpsi9rtasea.jpg  photo glen2-a_zpsrvlz8m5k.jpg  photo glen3-a_zpsncwcnjrw.jpg
{T W O} // Visit the Zoo. We recently went with Mason's class to the Dallas Zoo which I blogged about here. We had such a good time together...we were only missing Daddy! I am hoping that we can go as a family to the Fort Worth Zoo before it gets entirely too hot to enjoy.

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{T H R E E} // Put out bird feeders. We hung up our hummingbird feeders and have already seen a few hummingbirds visit. We have a bush on the corner of our house that they also like. I haven't been able to snap any pictures of the hummingbirds yet, but I sure hope to soon! I am so fascinated by these birds. And they're really the only kind of bird that doesn't freak me out.

 photo IMG_7297_zpsvhreuwfp.jpg

{F O U R} // Blow bubbles. Mason got a really good set of bubbles in his Easter basket from his Nana. We spent over 30 minutes {that's a long time for Mase!} playing with the bubbles. There is just something so precious about a kid with bubbles. {obviously, since I took like 50 of the same picture!} PS - bubbles are hard to photograph!

 photo 36_zps4noe3dpw.jpg  photo 35_zpsv2dlvv7e.jpg  photo 34_zpsej7zmifr.jpg  photo 33_zpso3gr6ves.jpg  photo 32_zpsaaoimzue.jpg  photo 31_zpsisxfybvd.jpg  photo 30_zpsqotewyeg.jpg  photo 29_zpsd6iglehd.jpg

{F I V E} // Sidewalk chalk fun. I love to watch Mason play with chalk and to see all of his creations! He's so artistic and very good at drawing! Coloring is a beating to him, but the boy loves to draw. We've played with sidewalk chalk so many times already this spring. And all of this lovely rain gives us a clean slate each day. ha.

 photo chalk1_zps7mtuquxm.jpg
 photo 39_zpsohlhwthj.jpg  photo 30_zpslaldfsp6.jpg  photo 36_zpsu10kn68f.jpg  photo 34_zps9sqpgw4i.jpg

{S I X} // Planting flowers. We plan to plant some flowers around our house, but with all this rain we have gotten and plan to get it's pointless right now. So Mason and I picked up a couple of little flower pots in the dollar section at Target. We enjoyed planting the seeds together and Mase gets so excited to water them each day. They are starting to sprout and Mason is ecstatic.

 photo 84_zpsexv1vkhq.jpg  photo 85_zpszxnc8uhu.jpg  photo 83_zpsfizcdgwf.jpg  photo 82_zpsw1qsfgfc.jpg  photo 74_zpsnsg4ngsj.jpg  photo 73_zpso70iezuc.jpg

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I can't wait share the other things we have done and to knock some more off our list! Do you have a Spring list? What is your favorite thing to do in the spring?


  1. Love all of the pictures from each of your activities. You have done a lot so far. Can't wait to go to the zoo!!

  2. How did you miss playing in the rain this week! Ha!! It looks like you guys have had a fun spring so far!! Hope you get to cross off more adventures soon.

  3. You've done a good number on your bucket list already!
    Your description of your last camping trip sounds like my kind of camping: shopping, eating at restaurants, and fires. Throw in a hotel and it'd be right up my alley! :)
    What is it about bubbles that kids (and adults) love?! I still can't get enough of them. And, totally the hardest thing to photograph!!

  4. Look at you guys go! We've been blowing bubbles like mad here! It's so much fun! I'm hoping to get some pictures of Wyatt with bubbles!

  5. You got THE BEST pictures, Crystal!!! I'm so in awe :) You are making progress on your Bucket List, great job!

  6. You guys have done so many fun things so far! We have our seedlings growing inside and Noah (and I) were so excited to see some sprouting today!!! It really is the little things!

  7. Always love your beautiful pictures! You are chipping away at that list! Love your tiny flowers, and cold camping fun.

  8. We want to go camping soon! I bet you guys had a blast camping. Glen Rose looks so nice! xo

  9. You guys have already done so much!! I love it. I didn't even make a spring bucket list (oops!) but since it is like summer here already anyway (what the heck 90 degrees in April!), I might as well just pretend it's summer and skip right to that bucket list lol. We need to plan our Angels game date soon! Maybe before it gets EVEN more hot!

  10. I seriously love your list. So fun. And your pictures really capture how much fun you guys have had! I don't know why I didn't think of making a Bucketlist for this season. I will have to make one for summertime!

  11. You are seriously killing your bucket list and we haven't even shared ours yet, Eeekkkk!!!! Tomorrow!


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