{Oh Hey Friday! // Soccer, Puddles, Diesel}

Happy Friday! Despite all the rain and the time we have spent indoors, this week really flew by. No complaints here. We have a very busy weekend ahead of us and have like 5 places we need to be at once. We still haven't figured it all out, but we will I suppose. Nate is coaching the soccer game solo on Saturday because our coach can't be there. We were kind of thinking it may be cancelled because of all the rain, but it's pure sunshine from now until Sunday. We shall see, I guess.

Joining Karli for Oh Hey Friday!

{O N E} // In case you missed it...

 photo posts this week1_zpsv7ldbscl.jpg

{T W O} // Our evenings this week were actually pretty low-key. The most exciting thing we did was soccer practice on Tuesday. And that was interesting!! It was pretty close to a full moon and we could tell by the kids! It was like herding cats. Seriously! All you can do is laugh.  Oh and we may have eaten at our new McCallisters a couple of times. Maybe.

 photo 1-1_zps1hpiiv83.jpg
 photo 2_zpsil6bwhb0.jpg  photo 3_zpsad6kie1a.jpg  photo 4_zps1wnefyms.jpg  photo 5_zpstwd0aqlu.jpg

{T H R E E} // Friends, if you need some encouragement this week I highly recommend you read THIS post from Beth at our Pretty Little Girls. Beth rounded up scriptures that some of her blogging friends cling to and she so kindly featured me. I know that I will look back to this post so frequently. There is so much truth and encouragement in those scriptures.

{F O U R} // This little ragamuffin is finally getting groomed today. I had to cancel his appt two weeks ago because he hurt his little paw. I don't know if he's going to hate me or love me for it. Last time I gave him a bath he wouldn't come near me for a whole day and a half and he gave me the side eye. And at his last grooming appt he tried biting the clippers when they got near his face! But, his hair is so long that it hangs over his eyes. Soooo...maybe he will be happy with me this time?! Lets hope. ha.

 photo Diesel1_zpsdrppytb2.jpg

{F I V E} // I don't know what this boy is gonna do when our puddles all dry up! He has played in them almost every day this week and loves it.

 photo 10_zpsmyvfrh42.jpg

That's all I have for today! Do you have any plans for the weekend?


  1. I love Mason's bright soccer shirt! Have a great weekend!

  2. Evan has been loving the puddles too! Mason looks so cute and those poses! Thanks for sharing that post, reading it now!

  3. Look at Mason being such a little ham in those soccer photos! Too cute!

  4. Look at that puddle!

    I loved that post of Beth's! So inspiring.

    We finally were able to sign Cash up for summer rec. We went the t-ball route this year & guess what else they offered? SUPERHERO CAMP! Yep, that's right!

  5. Mason and Diesel have one thing in common... they are both getting hair cuts today :) lol. I bet Diesel will be looking mighty cute after he gets groomed. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Look at Mason, the soccer stud!!
    I loved Beth's scripture post!! So many amazing verses were shared.
    Look at the puddle! Did you all get hit with a ton of rain? I'd been hearing about Texas on the news with all the bad weather.

  7. Those soccer pictures, adore them! I feel like your photography is getting better by the week...or maybe I'm just paying more attention, either way good job at capturing some great moments!

  8. Mason and his poses... He is cracking me up! And I love that he loves playing in the puddles! Those puddles put ours to shame!

  9. Oh my goodness Mason and your pup are adorable!

  10. That last picture of Mason in his sunglasses...what a cutie!!! :) And we love McAllister's too!

  11. Diesel makes me want a dog but I have to honest, I am not a dog person.

  12. Great puddle picture! Looks like fun to me. Diesel is so cute!! Have a great Sunday!

  13. That last one of Mason in those sunglasses, baha ha ha! Oh goodness he is a hoot. Thanks for including my post in your 5 friend. I hope you are having a great Monday.

  14. I hope you got some nice weather this weekend and that it wasn't all rain! I can't get your photos to work on my computer but puddles can be so fun!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  15. Mason's shirt and sunglasses are on point! So stylish!


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