{Kindergarten field trip to the Dallas Zoo}

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Last Thursday I joined Mason’s class for a Kindergarten field trip to the Dallas Zoo. The weather was absolutely perfect and a good time was had by all. We got to the zoo around 9:00 am and got checked in. Then we didn't waste any time going straight to the giraffes. One of the teachers that partnered with Mason's teacher had an agenda! She wanted our group to be the first to the giraffes so that they wouldn't be full when our kids went to feed them. When we got there they were doing something to the giraffe area and we had to wait a bit. And naturally all the kids were bored staaaarving. Luckily I had some graham cookies for Mason to snack on! About 15 minutes later we finally got to feed the giraffes and the kids loved it! I took way too many pictures, but the giraffes are our favorite. 

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After we fed the giraffes we took a potty break and then went to visit the elephants, warthogs and the lions. There actually weren't many elephants out this time, but their exhibit is always neat to see.

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We went to the children's part of the zoo next and this is where we decided to split off from the group. It was around 11:30 at this point. There were just way too many kids and way too many parents and it was hard to see everything in such a large group. We split off with one of Mason's friends and his mom and grandma. We did pony rides and fed the birds next. These two things cost extra and we wouldn't have been able to do it had we stayed in the group. The boys loved it! I was a bit terrified in the bird exhibit, but I stuck it out for the sake of getting some pictures. I might have ducked and screamed a few times, though...

 photo 35_zpstzvbh75g.jpg  photo 36_zpsrzf0zpat.jpg  photo 37_zpsvnevpz5s.jpg  photo 38_zpsbne9pies.jpg  photo 39_zpskronhef9.jpg  photo 40_zpszdlfhqwe.jpg  photo 41_zpstn6xbrif.jpg  photo 42_zpsjndxaydd.jpg  photo 43_zpsb2lyvhr3.jpg  photo 44_zpsmteyxyny.jpg  photo 45_zps32dzkyjc.jpg  photo 46_zps38fvlki1.jpg  photo 47_zpsqkgmku18.jpg  photo 48_zps3kqo08sq.jpg  photo 49_zpsquzga4ur.jpg

After feeding the birds we went to see the monkeys and the koalas. The boys enjoyed some cotton candy during these exhibits. They also got to go on a dinosaur train ride. We attempted the reptile exhibit, but it was entirely too crowded and it was humid inside. I was okay with it being too crowded, though...too many snakes in one area! Eeek. We made a couple of swipes and then booked it out of there. We took the boys to the gift shop, got them some dip and dots ice cream and called it a day! 

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I loved that I was able to take Mason home with me rather than him riding the bus back to school. We made a quick run to Target to get a couple of spring crafts to do and then to Whataburger for a big fountain drink. We came back and had the most amazing time with just he and I. I loved having the one on one time with him and can't wait for summer so that we can have more of these kinds of days. I plan to fully blog about our time together...but did want to share a picture.

How precious is he? I've never been big on character shirts, shoes or accessories...but I don't mind when he wears superhero things. I actually really love it and think he looks adorable. We found this cute little Batman hat in the Target dollar spot when we were looking for Spring crafts.

So thankful I was able to take a day off work to join Mase at the zoo and so thankful for our time together.

Have you been to the zoo lately? What is your favorite zoo to visit? Ours is the Fort Worth Zoo. 


  1. I love giraffes - they are so sweet. We are supposed to get a giraffe feeding area at our zoo at some point. Your zoo looks really nice! We also used to have the birds like that and my kids were really scared of them. Brave Mason!

  2. Great photos as always! Keep me out of the bird exhibit!

    I'm surprised the teachers had the kids wear their backpacks. That seems like just a big ole hassle.

  3. Great pictures! I haven't been to the Dallas zoo in forever! We need to take our kids...before it gets too hot!

  4. Hehe I grabbed a Minnie hat from the Dollar spot for E! What a great field trip you guys had. I really need to get the girls to a zoo soon. It has been way to long.

  5. Your zoo looks amazing! I've only fed giraffes once... In Baltimore. I thought it was so cool and would love to do it again. Elephants have always been my favorite but I'm always sad when I see them because they don't really look happy in a zoo setting. I love that you got to go with his class on their field trip. I definitely want to go on all of Noah's trips when he's in real school! Mason looks like he had a blast! And cute batman hat! While we definitely wear a lot of graphic tees over here, I just got Noah a superman hat so he can be superman all the time and not just when his shirt is clean ;)

  6. what a fun day! I am so glad you got to go with them. We went to the zoo last year and had a blast.

  7. What a great field trip! You got some great photos and Mason is seriously so adorable!!

  8. I love the Zoo and have yet to take the girls (bad mommy ;) The giraffes are such majestic animals and Im with you, no snakes!

  9. This looks like such an awesome zoo. And how cool you were able to feed so many animals! Our zoo has a baby giraffe that I am obsessed with right now. We go nearly once a week!

  10. That looks like so much fun!! I can't wait to go to the Columbus Zoo with my inlaws in a month. I'm also planning a trip to our local zoo with Cam's best buddy. Glad you guys had so my fun. We love feeding the giraffes too.

  11. What a fun day!
    You are so lucky that you can feed the giraffes!!
    I'm totally with you on the birds. They terrify me.

  12. You captured some amazing photos! Giraffes are my favorite!

  13. What a fun field trip! Love all the photos, as usual! Mason looks like he had a blast!

  14. This looks like so much fun! I love the giraffes and big cats! The pictures of Mason holding the bird are priceless!

  15. What a fun day! And great pictures! The Dallas Zoo looks pretty fantastic!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!