{10 on Tuesday // Six Flags}

In my Oh Hey Friday post I mentioned we were going to Six Flags on Friday...well, we went and we had a complete blast. Since the park is only open for one specific ISD and their families there is no lines. You literally walk up to a ride and you're the next group to get on. The longest that we waited for anything was 15 minutes and that was on the Justice League ride and only because they had technical difficulties. This is our favorite {and honestly the only} way to do Six Flags.

Mason is just like me as a child. The boy has NO fear and wants to ride everything. Now I know how my mom must have felt, And since Nate doesn't ride rides it's up to me, Nana and Michelle to ride everything with Mason. There was only one ride {pandemonium} that frightened him a bit. And really, I think it's only because I screamed on the first drop. Oops. I told him I screamed because it was fun and then he was okay with it. Brave boy!

We had so much fun and rode every single ride that we wanted to. We played a game and Mason won a Robin superhero cape and a Superman cap. He has quite the collection of superhero capes from Six Flags. It's his favorite 'souvenir' to get.

And now, joining in with Karli for 10 on Tuesday by sharing 10 photos from our night at Six Flags. Actually, I kind of cheated because one of the pictures is a collage of four pictures. ha. And I didn't take my big camera (wahhh) because of all the rain we've had lately. I didn't want to chance it. Last year it poured on us.

{O N E} // Walking in, the cave ride, the tea cups, and the view from the top of the bobsled ride.

 photo SIX-1_zps5kgjp1co.jpg

{T W O} // Took this picture from Michelle's snapchat. This is on the bobsled ride. Mason was finally tall enough to ride. He loved it! He might have been a little scared on the way up, though. He told us "If you have anything you need to tell me before we die you better tell me now!" Not sure where that came from. ha.

 photo SIX-2_zpsw1nyeo0l.jpg

{T H R E E} // Cottoncandy almost as huge as him. We all shared and still came home with half a bag.

 photo SIX-3_zpsj0h4ojxs.jpg

{F O U R} // The obligatory giant chair picture. My parents have pictures of me on this chair from when I was just a small child.

 photo six-4_zpsz1qclznd.jpg

{F I V E} // I missed the best part of the sunset behind Six Flags, but was able to get a bit of it.

 photo SIX-5_zpsaxcymmbr.jpg

{S I X} // Mase wasn't tall enough for the Batman ride, but he was okay with just taking a picture with the Batmobile.

 photo SIX-6_zpsdg4llg6p.jpg

{S E V E N}//  Even though my big boy was tall enough for most of the big rides he still wanted to visit the kid area. He's in the pink balloon in this picture.

 photo SIX-7_zpsfcqosfys.jpg

{E I G H T} // Waiting to ride Justice League. This was probably one of our favorite rides of the night. It was so much like some of the rides at Disney World. Now we are all even more ready to get back to Disney.

 photo SIX-8_zps4xeblul8.jpg

{N I N E} // This is only a picture of the gift shop, but Mason asked me to take a picture of it. Many of his favorite superheroes in this picture!

 photo SIX-9_zpsm2t15ko8.jpg

{T E N} // And my favorite picture of the night...my sweet little boy all tuckered out. If you know Mason then you know that he doesn't just fall asleep anywhere, especially not in the car. This is how you know he is tired and wore out.

 photo SIX-10_zpsnmyliocu.jpg


  1. What a blast! I would have picked cotton candy, too! Makes me excited for trips to the local amusement park this summer!

  2. What a fun day! I need to take Mac to Six Flags once this summer and do the little kid area. I'm sure he's not big enough for the larger rides, but it'd be fun to walk around with him and check everything out! Mason looks like he had a blast! Love the photos!

  3. How fun! I love that you went at night! Luke & I are thinking of going for my 30th. We haven't been since we were dating!!

  4. It looks like such a fun day! Mason is a brave little guy! I'm not sure I would ride most of those rides. I laughed so hard when you said what he said on the way up in the bobsled ride! I love his cape, too!

  5. What a fun day!! That cotton candy...YUM!! I love that picture in the chair...so fun that you have the same one of YOU! What memories!! :)

  6. Holy cotton candy!! Looks like such a fun day! :)

  7. That large chair is pretty cool! And Noah and I are the exact opposite... We are such babies when it comes to rides. Chris isn't exactly a fan of rides either. Right now it's okay because we can all handle the baby rides, but as Noah gets older he will either go on his own or we may be avoiding amusement parks ;)

  8. The bobsled is one of my favorites, too!! Glad you had fun!

  9. Amusement parks are the best! So much fun and great practice in waiting haha (not that you did much of it this time, score!) Ive only been to Six Flags once but it was awesome!

  10. Oh how fun!!! Sounds like Mason had a blast (and looks like it too from that last picture)! I'll probably wait to take Mason to our local Six Flags but I'm thinking of taking him to Legoland for his birthday and I'm hoping he has just as much fun!

  11. Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm so impressed Mason will ride all those rides! I'm pretty sure I still won't get on half the rides he did! :)

  12. Looks like a great time! Dave wants to go to Six Flags (we call it Great Adventure!) while we're in NJ, but I'm not sure I want to!

  13. What an absolutely fantastic time. Marissa would've been in heaven she is a total adrenaline junky when it comes to riding rides.

  14. Very brave boy!!! I love watching sunsets from up high at fairs or amusement parks. There is something extra magical about it!

  15. I haven't been to six flags in years! We're actually really close to one now, so maybe this summer we'll go. So funny about the "anything you wanna tell me before we die" comment. I'd always get super scared right before the ride and then want to go right back on when it's over, so maybe he falls somewhere in that category.

  16. Aw. Looks like you all had the absolute best time ever!!!


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