{Road Trippin' to the Texas Hill Country}

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This past weekend we road tripped it to the Hill Country for our annual Labor day weekend camping trip in Mason, TX. This has become one of our favorite camping spots and weekends, without a doubt. We had 40+ people in our group this time and over 11 campers. Such an amazing group of people! During the day we all split off into smaller groups and do all kinds of things; golfing, shopping in Fredericksburg, Luckenbach, museums, LBJ Ranch, Johnson City, etc. and then in the evenings we all come back together for supper and fellowship followed by all kinds of games. This year it was bean bags, egg toss, waterballoon toss, bocce ball, silly string fights and geocaching! So much fun. I really need to get better about documenting this trip and our evening festivities...but we are just so busy being there and visiting!

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Nathan, Mason and I got down there Friday evening after hitting horrible traffic and delaying our drive about 2 hours. That evening we just visited and sat out at the campsites talking with everyone. Saturday morning I was wide awake at 6 am. #momlife Diesel was awake too and I knew that if I didn't get him out of the camper he would wake up Mason. And considering that Mason was up past midnight the night before we needed to let him sleep as long as possible. So Diesel and I went outside for a nice long walk. The weather was breezy and felt so good. Then we visited with some of the other early birds and waited on our people to wake up! We all hung out until mid-morning and then split into groups to tackle the day. Nathan and I actually got a day date for a few hours! We went into Fredericksburg and went into several of the shops, had a nice lunch and then visited a winery. We had a great time! That evening was a big shrimp boil back at camp.

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We can't make a trip to the hill country and not visit good ol' Luckenbach {where everybody is somebody}! So on Sunday we did just that. While there may not be a whole lot to see, there is a whole lot to love. The atmosphere alone cannot be beat! And the general store carries the most awesome Texas things. On this trip I bought a T-shirt and a Texas keychain that says Luckenbach. Love them both!! 

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These days Luckenbach Texas is, to paraphrase John Steinbeck, a "State of Mind" – A Texas state of mind, where you can kick back, relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life—like a step back in time.

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After Luckenbach we headed to Johnson City to visit the Exotic Zoo Resort {post on this soon}. While we were there we noticed that Pedernales Falls was only 9 miles down the road so we had a lunch and then headed that way. Full post about Pedernales Falls here. It was gorgeous! Then we headed back to camp for a group fish fry and games. 

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Monday morning we had breakfast at a cafe in Mason before loading up to come home.

Have you ever been to the Hill Country?


  1. Camping with a big group would be so much fun! I haven't done that since high school. Sounds like a great holiday weekend. Bonus points for squeezing in a day date :)

  2. That sounds like a fun little mini vacation! It's nice that you have such a big group too! Although we've been in Oklahoma a couple of years, we've only managed to make our way to Texas once, and that was only to Dallas. I'd love to explore some of the other charming towns and cities soon!

  3. ANOTHER awesome trip for your family!!
    Sounds like this was just about the best time ever. Day dates, friends, fun had by all? Yep, I'll take a weekend like that, please and thank you.

    P.S. Does Mason think it's cool to go to a place with the same name as him?

  4. When we lived in TX, I was always like the are no trees or grass! I need green! Someone told me to visit Hill Country and once I did (during Texas's Fall), I was pleasantly surprised by all the green!

  5. Every time I check you are off to another place!!! LOL! I need a comprehensive list of all your Texas visits lol.

  6. Awww looks like you guys had a great time! I'd love to take a road trip sometime soon! They seem so fun!


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