{Mason's first day of Kindergarten}

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Mason started Kindergarten yesterday. My sweet little baby started Kindergarten. 


And don't let his little face in the picture above fool you. While he looks terrified and sad he wasn't. He was ready. This was part of his prayer the night before school {the word that cuts off is "tomorrow"} also, there is no picture only sound.

I couldn't write this post yesterday...I just couldn't. I was doing good enough to work. My mind was elsewhere. And I knew that writing this post would just push me over the edge. But, now here I sit in an empty house...Nate is back to work...Mason is at school...Diesel is sleeping and it's just me. Just me sitting here thinking that maybe saving this post for today was not the best idea after-all. It's quiet. The emptiness is creeping in with a vengeance and I am all out of sorts. I just cranked up praise and worship music over the bluetooth speaker to void the quiet. Surely that will help. 


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Yesterday was Mason's first day of Kindergarten and according to him it was AWESOME!! Nathan took the day off {goodness I love that man} so that he could go with me to drop him off and pick him up as well. Nathan works 45 minutes from home and usually van pools with a bunch of guys from the plant. He leaves the house before 5am so it's always been me to take and pick up Mason from school. The morning went great! We were up and ready with an excited little 5 year old and out of the door with plenty of time to spare. On the way to school Mason mentioned a few times that he was nervous. We reminded him about his little heart in his pocket {more on that tomorrow} and that there was nothing to be nervous about. We got to school around 7:10 and Mason was ready to go in!! We made him wait until 7:15 before getting out of the car. Only to walk up and find out that they do not open the doors until 7:30. We knew that breakfast started at 7:30, but no clue that you couldn't get in before then. So we waited in the foyer of the school for 15 minutes. Just enough time to let all of the Mama worry and fear creep in. 

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Mason didn't want breakfast so we went straight to his classroom. We helped him get settled, gave his teacher his gift and put away all of his supplies. He let us take some pictures and then we said our goodbyes. He did GREAT and we were so proud. Nathan and I drove home in mostly silence. We were both feeling all of the same feels, so no words were necessary. 

His teacher sent out a picture text that afternoon and it immediately made me feel better. Just knowing a tiny part of his day makes me breathe a little easier. I ran outside where Nate was {mowing} and showed him the picture. I could see a sign of relief across his face, too. 

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And surprisingly, the day went by super fast. We left a little early to go get him because we had no idea how the pick up lines were going to go. So glad we did. We were about 15 cars back, but there were tons behind us! We have a car tag and they announce on the speaker which kid is ready for pickup and then a teacher or adult walks them out. Mason's teacher walked him to our car and put him inside! And we were on our way.

Mason was was all smiles and said he had a great day! He was ecstatic that we brought Diesel with us!!  He adores his teacher and is excited to have his own locker. And it's his very favorite color, too {red}. 

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Praying that day two is just as good.


  1. Yay for first days! So many great first day posts today. And love that big shirt, going to do that next year with mine, although I'm sure he'll do it kicking and screaming, haha!

  2. Oh my gosh, this kills me! I can't believe how grown up he looks! Such a big kid! Kindergarten?! I'm so not even close to ready for this!!! Hang in there mama!

  3. So, so glad to hear that Mason's first day went so well.
    I totally hear you on the house being quiet. While Marcus is at school our place is entirely too still. I'm sure that will change with time, but it is certainly an adjustment.

  4. I swear he looks older because he started Kindergarten yesterday! I'm so glad that his day went so, so well! Does your school have a bus service?

    Happy Anniversary, too!

  5. CRYSTAL. That prayer of his is SO sweet!!! So glad he had a great first day! :)

  6. oh my heart! SO precious! Mason is precious!!!!!!!!

  7. It's just a big moment for Mommas as much as it is for little ones. While Mason must go to school, it's hard for a Momma's heart to come to terms with that big change.
    He looks like he had a wonderful day! Here is to more great moments at school for Mason and a tight hug for you to make it through the day without him at home!

  8. I can't even imagine when I send my first off to school. I already told my husband he needs to take that day off lol. I love that his teacher sent you a picture message! That would have made my day! Mason is just the cutest! So glad he had a wonderful first day :)

  9. What a great first day! I love the shirt photo, what a clever idea. I also love that his teacher was able to send out a photo text. I know that would really help this mama's heart. I hope that he is continuing to love it and has an amazing year.

  10. Oh my word, that Class of 2028 shirt is TOO darling! I love to hear about back to school and how the first day went (must be the preschool teacher in me) It is so reassuring when your child likes his teacher, its such a huge part of the school experience. Also, Mason is a cutie, that is all :)

  11. How great that he had such a great day, you must be so proud of him! He looks like he's all smiles!

    The Cuteness

  12. Is it great to have technology these days? So nice of the teacher to sent you a picture! I'm a teacher aid and pictures the first few days of school, makes the parents feel so much better. Glad he had a great day!

  13. His precious prayer, his big graduation shirt, his sweet little face... This is all just adorable!! I'm so glad he had an awesome first day of kindergarten! I love that his teacher sent a picture text. Communication between teacher and parents is so important and comforting! I hope he has a great year of kindergarten!

  14. Go Mason! Love that your little man had an awesome first dat at Kindergarten and only hope our little guy has as much fun in a few years. :)

  15. omg i love this!!!!! i love this class of 2028! my baby is that class too!!!!

  16. How sweet and cute is he?! I think moms, no matter the age, every first day of school signifies them growing up just a little bit more and I think we long to hold onto them for as long as we can. He will have an amazing year.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!