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Happy Friday!! This week was a weird one...the days were long, but the evenings flew by. Usually how it goes, though. We have another pretty busy weekend ahead of us; soccer game, birthday party, maybe meeting some church friends at a preserve, and then church on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it.

Time for Five on Friday...

{O N E} // Posts from this week

{T W O} // Mason's papa brought him home a pair of shoes this week. A friend at work had bought them for his child, but they didn't like them or wear them or whatever so he sent them to Mason. This is his first pair of high-tops {besides chucks} and he loves them! He's definitely a 'shoes' kid. Every time we go to Academy he begs for a new pair.

 photo A2_zpsw1kbm3cb.jpg  photo A_zpsd3kdjqd1.jpg  photo A5_zps4s8qukys.jpg

{T H R E E} // So, so proud of our sweet boy!!! Last week his sweet teacher emailed us to say she tested him last week and he's reading at a 14 level and performing as a 2nd grader in the month of October. When the kids leave Kindergarten they want them to be at a level 4 and he's at a 14! And then the next day we got a letter asking for our permission to test Mason for the gifted and talented program for his district. Not only is he excelling academically, he has a long streak of coming home on green {good behavior}. He is trying to finish out the school year on all greens and he's doing so great. I love to see him set and make goals.

 photo B1_zpsf4ltg2xc.jpg

{F O U R} // We had our last soccer practice of the season last night! So sad. I've really, really enjoyed watching Mason play soccer. It's fun and exciting! Being a soccer mom is so cliche, but it really is awesome {just need that mini-van! ha}. I hope that he wants to play another season. He's talking about karate, and while I will support him in anything he wants to try, I have to admit it sounds boring. But, I thought that about soccer, too. I am sure I will love it because I love him.

Anyhow, practice went great. Mason has really gotten into it lately. He's agressive and his footwork has come a long way. I enjoyed watching him last night. When he ran over for a water drink he said, "Did I do good mama?" I told him that he did great and asked him if he was sure he was only five because he was playing soccer like a ten year old. He smiled so big and then hustled back out to practice. LOVED it! I should have taken some video, but honestly I was probably sitting there with my jaw hung open because of how well he was doing.

 photo 1_zpskxgjmyei.jpg  photo 2_zpsos2jvpyp.jpg  photo 3_zpsipmax9pv.jpg  photo 4_zpstff1zcri.jpg  photo 7_zps1yvxeggj.jpg

{F I V E} // After practice we let Mason play on the playground for a bit. He has recently conquered the monkey bars and can't get enough of them. What is it about parenthood that makes you so proud over something as simple as monkey bars? :)

 photo Collage1_zpsikygjiez.png  photo IMG_8194_zpsjfgq9hik.jpg

Happy weekend friends! Any plans?


  1. Great pictures! I love Mason's green and black soccer socks. I think watching your child work hard at something, and then accomplish it is the best feeling ever. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I feel like Mason is just thriving friend. Which is a great sign that you guys are doing something very, very right. You have so much to be proud of.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Way to go Mason!! So great that he's such a reader!!

  4. I'm jealous that Mason is reading so well. Both of my boys struggle with reading at grade level and it makes me feel like a bad mama. :(

  5. Omg he looks 10 in that last soccer picture! And go Mason on being so academically ahead and for all the good behavior! So much to be proud of! And he's so stylish in those red sneakers! He's definitely going places ;)

  6. I truly think that as a parent if you child loves something, you two will love it. It brings so much joy to a parent's heart seeing their child find something that makes them happy, that's theirs.

  7. Beautiful pictures as always. Yay yay yay! Good for Mason. What an amazing little boy. I was the Gifted and Talented teacher for the upper grade level students at my old school. It was so fun. I can't wait to hear the results. :)

  8. WAY TO GO, Mason! You & Nate must be so proud. What a great accomplishment!

    Hope you guys had the best weekend!

  9. New shoes?! Talented program?! Soccer stud?! Monkey bars mastered?! Goodness, Mason had the best week ever!!!

  10. Mason is seriously the coolest kid! I love that he is into shoes, and just wow on the reading level!!! You must be so proud!

  11. Way to go Mason! That really is impressive that he's sticking to his goal of finishing off the school year with all green days. And a level 15 for reading?? Amazing!!


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