{Heroes Unite! // Mason's 6th Birthday Party}

Mason is at the age now where he picks out his own birthday party theme {tears!}. This year he chose "Batman" for his theme. Then a couple of weeks later we went to see Batman vs. Superman and Mason loved it. One day I was scrolling through digital birthday invitations on Etsy and Mason saw this one and said, "that's it, Mama. That's the one!" It was definitely one of the cooler looking invitations to choose from.

So, our Batman party became a Heroes Unite party {with more of a Batman emphasis}. We went pretty easy on the decorating due to the location of the party. But, I still love the way it came out. We had the party at a local church which has an indoor play-place area that is perfect for entertaining the kids. The party was 2 hours long and was one of the less stressful birthday parties I have ever planned. Mason celebrated with his closest friends, family and even our pastor and his sweet family.

 photo 40_zpsnftqcbht.jpg  photo 41_zpsplwbqtii.jpg  photo 42_zpsmxmpxxxh.jpg  photo 44_zps9knoqmiw.jpg  photo 45_zpsiakurho8.jpg  photo 46_zpspk6jzren.jpg  photo 47_zpsmdrwfvu8.jpg  photo 48_zps2jlisrzm.jpg  photo 49_zps7g6vum7x.jpg  photo 50_zpsxazztfkk.jpg

The cupcakes were made by a co-worker of Mason's Nana. She has made all of Mason's cakes, cupcakes or cookies for the last 4 or so years and does a fabulous job. I found the superhero rings on Amazon and used those as the cupcake toppers. The superhero masks were from Party City and I placed one in front of each chair. I also ordered the centerpieces and cupcake stand from Amazon. Everything else was free printables from Pinterest!

It was a great party and Mason said it was one of the best days!!

 photo 51_zpsxk3fhmpp.jpg  photo 52_zpsnwsr87cq.jpg  photo 53_zpsv55jaab7.jpg  photo 54_zpsbaky8q4h.jpg  photo 56_zpslzjejtpc.jpg  photo 57_zpsdutgddtu.jpg  photo 59_zps7bsob0z0.jpg  photo 60_zpskwwyfysu.jpg  photo 61_zps70mhyvim.jpg  photo 62_zpsz29j01fv.jpg  photo 63_zpsrpr64odv.jpg  photo 64_zpsjsebcmzs.jpg  photo 65_zpsszxntam2.jpg  photo 66_zpsp4cutyvn.jpg  photo 67_zpsdackvlod.jpg  photo 69_zpsrmumvaxn.jpg  photo 68_zpsunujtul7.jpg

Little boys are just superheroes in disguise.
- Art Moms

I made a slideshow of Mason's special day. I love having these to look back on throughout the years.

Superheroes Unite! Mason's 6th Birthday Party from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.


  1. So sweet! I FINALLY ordered Baby Fox's invitation last night, I tried to talk him into letting me do Evite, since I'm late to the game, but he insisted...he wanted to hand his friends at school an invite. This party turned out great! Loved that you put together a slide show. So cute :)

  2. This turned out so cute! I love the masks. I really need to take advantage of hosting parties other than our house.

  3. How is he 6 already!?! This party looks amazing and every little boy's dream! I've only had 3 parties so far and I'm sold on having them at a place. Especially since Noah's is in November when everything needs to be inside. So much less stress when it's somewhere else. And that church looks so nice!

  4. Everything is so cute!! I bet Mason had the best time!

  5. What a fun party! I love all the decorations!

  6. Hallelujah for stress- free parties! How fun everything looks! This must have made Mason's Batman heart soar.

  7. Great job Momma!! It looks like a super fun party and that Mason had a great time. I love that the location had it's own play place. That's so cool! I am seriously loving his new glasses. They are so awesome.

  8. This looks like a fun party! I love the theme. :)

    dots & details

  9. Looks like you guys had a great time! What a perfect place to have a party!
    I feel like I will be super sad when Mason can pick out his own party theme too but I bet it made it extra special for him when it all came together and he was able to see his dream come true!

  10. Hooray for stress-free parties! I'm all about that!
    It looks like Mason had the best day. And I'm just loving those new glasses on him!

  11. I bet they went wild over those cupcakes! What a fun party!


  12. So fun and so easy. That theme was just perfect for Mason too. Great job friend. Stress free parties are definitely the way to go!

  13. Such a fun party!! Having it a place that's already set up is so much easier! Love all the little details!

  14. I am so late, but Happy Birthday Mason!! His party looked like so much fun!!

  15. Aww, what a fun looking party. Happy birthday Mason! Glad he had a great day :)


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