{Kickin' off the season // Soccer // 10 on Tuesday}

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Mason had his very first soccer game the Saturday before Easter! It was so exciting and fun to watch. Mason started off in the field for the first part of the game. He did great at staying with the ball, but the other team definitely out ran us when it came to speed. Only 1 of our kids was able to keep up with their speed. We did however score the first goal! And it was so, so exciting!

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They put Mason in at goalie and that little boy surprised the heck out of us. He stopped every single ball that came his way! We were impressed. We even heard comments in the stands like "dude, that kid is a great goalie"! Made my little mama heart so proud. After that quarter Mason came out of the goalie position and the other team scored on the kid that replaced him! The coach was quick to put Mason back in at goalie. And I could tell the parents were happy with her choice! Mason continued to block every single ball they kicked his way. And, it was a lot of balls. The ball stayed in near our goal for a lot of the game due to the speed of the other team. Nathan and I agreed that Mason probably blocked 15-20 balls that were shot at him. It was nerve-racking, but exciting to say the least.

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Oh it was awesome!! Mason had a blast and that made us so happy. We won the game 2-1. Apparently Nate had told Mason before the game that he would get $5 for every goal that he scored. Well, he played goalie the majority of the game and didn't really have a chance to score. After the game he says dad, "I didn't make any goals but I stopped like a million balls. I think that deserves $17,000 bucks!!" ha! I love this kid!

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Mason had his 2nd game last Saturday, but it wasn't the best. The other team dominated us. We couldn't keep up, couldn't score and our kids were just beat. Mason played goalie the 2nd half and he left 2 or 3 balls by. He just wasn't feeling it. We later learned that he had strep throat and was feeling awful.

I also wanted to join in with Karli for 10 on Tuesday...so I thought a 10 things I love about soccer would be perfect for this soccer themed post.

1 // it's so fun to watch him play something that he loves.
2 // it gives him a chance to run off some extra energy.
3 // is there anything cuter than a little one in a uniform?
4 // he is making new friends
5 // that the games are only 30 minutes long. Perfect game length for a 5 year old's attention span.
6 // his coach is the sweetest. While she wants to win she is also very sweet with them.
7 // gives us something to do on Saturday mornings!
8 // how fearless he is when he plays goalie.
9 // he is learning to be a 'team'.
10 // that he high fives his friends and gets excited when they play good.

Is your kid(s) playing any sports right now? I didn't know how much I would enjoy soccer!!


  1. Mason is an adorable soccer player!! I see a full time career as a goalie in his future! That is an amazing skill - he must have fantastic hand, eye coordination! The big question is - did he get the $17,000?! :D hahahahaha! I'm excited to read about the rest of his season! {Hope he's feeling better!}

  2. I agree, the little ones in their uniforms are just the cutest!!! Your little guy is a doll!

  3. What a perfect first game! And already such a good goalie! Proud parent moment for sure. And too bad he was sick for the next one. I hate when our kids are off but we don't quite know it yet!

  4. I agree! $17,000 bucks sounds about right. ;) can't wait for Cash to join!

  5. So sweet, and that wrinkled freckled nose at the end there, so adorable! Watching kids play soccer is hilarious! And your soccer is way more intense than ours. We have a little pop up goal that is about the kids chest level...fun times!

  6. He just melts my heart in that uniform! He's such a cutie! And he's rocking at goalie! Go Mason! Watching littles play a sport is absolutely the best thing ever!

  7. Oh I love all of this! Reminds me of the days I played soccer, complete with the super long shorts and shin pads! And way to go Mason on being such a great goalie... That has to be the most stressful position, especially when the other team shoots a lot!

  8. What a little soccer stud!! He looks so big in the first few pictures. Love that he did so great and had such a great time. And I think Daddy owes him $17,000 too. :)

  9. Love your take on 10 on Tuesday! And great photos!!

  10. So much fun! Soccer is such a fun sport to watch kids play! Love the "high-fiving"!

  11. We want our toddler to play soccer next summer! My husband and I both played growing up. It is a fun sport!

  12. I just signed Connor up for soccer today! I can't wait to see what madness ensues. Mason couldn't be any cuter!! I am so excited to follow his season.

  13. LOVE this!!! I so want to sign my Mason up for soccer but it currently conflicts with his ABA sessions on Saturdays. I feel that that is more important right now so soccer will have to wait, but I know he will be so excited to play soon! He is SO cute kicking the ball around on his own right now.
    I love your Mason in his little soccer outfit. SO CUTE. So glad he's loving it! You're a true soccer mom now ;) now you just need a minivan! lol

  14. Wow! He did great! Too bad he was sick for the second game, but that shows that he'll probably be awesome again when he's feeling better!

  15. So great! Mason has some serious skills. Hope he feels better soon, being sick is just no fun.

  16. Wow, Mason did SO well in goalie position. Way to go, bud!! That's a tough and very important place to be!
    Loved the spin on the 10 on Tuesday. We aren't in any organized sports yet, but we're hoping to put Marcus into soccer this fall!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!