{Disney World // Days 1 & 2}

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Coming home from vacation is so bittersweet. Especially when it is Disney World!! We had such an amazing time and didn't want to leave.  It truly is a magical place. Everyone is so friendly and always making sure you are having the best time. The weather was amazing, too. It did get hot at times, but Disney is so great about putting most of their lines in the shade or in the AC. Plus, that little 3-5 minute light rain everyday is just enough to cool you down. 

Our trip started bright and early Sunday morning. Nate and I were up by 5 and Mason at 5:45. And we didn't have an early evening, either. And of course I couldn't sleep because of all the excitement and also worrying that I packed everything we needed. Mason was pretty easy to wake up because he was excited!! He is the cutest little traveler!!! This was Mason's first time to fly and he did amazing. He loved it and had absolutely no fear {definitely not like his Mama in that aspect}. We had about an hour until our flight so we grabbed some breakfast and hung out.

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We arrived in Disney on Sunday afternoon around 12:30 pm. It was the weirdest thing to not have to worry about picking our luggage up from baggage claim. Our resort took care of that for us. The Disney Magic Express took us straight to our resort and we went to get checked in. We were a bit early for our 3pm check in time, but thankfully our rooms were already ready. After walking around the humongous resort in circles trying to find our room, we finally did and stopped by to drop off a few of our carry-on items. Then we were off to the buses to head to down-town Disney!!

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Down-town Disney was pretty neat! There were tons restaurants and shops and even a House of Blues and a Splitsville bowling alley among many other things.  We purchased the Memory Maker package to where you can stop a photographer anywhere in Disney to take your photos. We found our first photographer as we were making our way over the bridge and were so excited to get our first Disney pictures!!

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Mason had just finished eating a blue ring-pop if you're curious to why his mouth is a different color! ha. After our little photo sesh we were starving so we headed straight for our lunch destination - T-Rex!!  There was about a 15-20 minute wait so we took Mason into the Lego store. A little piece of his Heaven! He found him a Lego set and also made three different Lego guys. After our Lego shopping adventure our table was ready so we went in. Pretty cool restaurant. Much like Rainforest Cafe, but with dinosaurs everywhere. We had the sweetest waitress and the food was delicious, too. They brought Mason out an ice cream with gummy dinosaurs for his birthday. After lunch we made our way back to the buses to head to the resort. We were ready for the pool. 

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We stayed at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and it was beautiful!! I will say that it's huge and a good walk to everything...but you're in Disney and well, Disney is walking. So, it didn't really bother us. The resort had 3 pools, but we wanted to see the big pool so that's what we did. It was huge! They also had a playground, a bar, a food counter, sand volleyball, a waterslide, etc. It was awesome. Mason went down the waterslide several times by himself. We had a great time, but were exhausted so we headed back to the room after an hour or two so we could get some rest for day 2.

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Day two was Magic Kingdom....our first actual park day. We couldn't be more excited!! We headed down to the buses a little after 8:30 am and were on a bus by 8:45ish. It was so exciting to see the Magic Kingdom sign! After months of planning we were finally here!!! It was our first time dealing with fastpasses so it was a little hectic trying to read the map and see where we needed to be for each of the fast pass times. But, still wasn't too bad. The park was crowded, but we rode several rides and never had to wait over 20 minutes for anything! It was amazing. We didn't stay for the parade or fireworks because everyone was exhausted. But, we knew that we were going back to MK on Thursday and would see them then. 

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**Edit - I forgot to mention that we went to the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor and they picked Mason out of the crowd to be on the big screen! Below is the video from that...

Days 1 and 2 were pretty magical. Come back tomorrow for more Disney!
Have you ever been to Disney World? What is your favorite thing there?


  1. Looks like a a amazing trip!!! We took my daughter to Disneyland when she was just a baby along with other family but I want to take her back when she's older!

  2. I can't wait to take my daughter to Disneyworld! Looks like a blast!

  3. How fun!!! I can't wait to see the rest of your recap! Looks like an AMAZING trip!

  4. So jealous!! Looks like you guys are having a fun adventure. Have more fun! :)

  5. I love all the pics! We are wanting to plan a vacay there soon so this is giving me inspiration! That resort looks beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics!

  6. I love all the pics! We are wanting to plan a vacay there soon so this is giving me inspiration! That resort looks beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics!

  7. So fun! Loving all the pics. I'm living vicariously through your Disney World vacay ;) I just finished up reading Chrissy's DW recap (over at Simple Joys Blog), and now I'm onto yours! I love Disneyland, but it doesn't seem nearly as cool as Disney World (though the weather seems a lil better). One day, we'll make our way over there, but I want Ez and his bro to be old enough to remember it. 4 seems like a good age to appreciate everything, and be tall enough to ride most of the rides.

  8. Coming home from vacation IS so bittersweet. I think the best part is just getting back to your own bed. The rest is always so hard to leave.
    Following your fun on IG was the best! Your trip to WDW looks like it was the absolute best time!

  9. Yay for Disney! I've been waiting for a Disney post. Wasn't the Magical Express just fantastic? Luke & I are so glad we went that option, too. Is that Nate's brother? I can't wait for more recaps!

  10. Oh my goodness so much fun. I LOVE that dress that you are wearing on day one too! Glad that you got so many great pictures. I cried when we came home. Leaving Disney is SO hard.

  11. Yay I'm glad you had good luck with lines!! Definitely a magical place that you never want to leave.

  12. I love seeing other families pictures from Disney! It looks like your family had a beautiful time! It's so hot though! I live in Tampa and I swore I'd never go to Disney again from March-November! LOL! I've yet to stay at a Disney hotel, but I'd love to stay at Coronado Springs. I'd really like to stay at the Grand Floridian, but a girl can dream right!?!? :) Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  13. This makes me so excited!! And I CAN'TWAIT for the memory maker package! I don't think they had that when we went before and it's uhh-mazing!! Sean will definitely hate it, ha.


  14. Alright, that last picture just about sent me over the edge. GAH! So cute!! How is it over already, Crystal?!

  15. So Fun! I loved seeing all your pictures! Love your family - You are gorgeous mama! xo

  16. How fabulous!! What a great first two days! What a fabulous idea to do the Memory maker package!! Y'all got some wonderful family shots with it!

  17. I'm so far behind on reading blogs so I'm just now getting to this. Looks like so so much fun! I cannot wait until our girls are old enough to take them! The picture package sounds perfect! Way better than having to ask strangers to use your personal camera! Did you ever have any trouble finding a photographer when you wanted one? I've never paid attention to see how many there are in the parks.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!